Dealing with stress during finals

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We all have finals approaching and want to do the best we can. However, some of us are not the best test takers. Many students often get stressed about their finals, which can cause mental health issues. Here are five tips to help you get through the stressful weeks leading up to finals week:

  1.     Time Management. It’s often hard to find the time to study with our busy schedules. However, managing your time correctly can be a useful tool for studying and relaxing. It’s best to have a set time for studying; setting aside a mere one to two hours a day as “studying time” can prove more helpful than you would think. While I find it best to study in the library during free hour, others prefer studying in the comfort of their own home. The key is to have a set goal to encourage you to study daily so you don’t have to cram all the information the night before.
  2.     Sleep. As college students, we are likely to experience at least one night in which we spend the whole night studying or catching up on an assignment instead of sleeping (all-nighter). “All-nighters” are proven to be incredibly harmful. In accordance with time-management, you should aim to sleep a proper number of hours a night. It varies depending on the person, but seven to nine hours is the average amount of sleep recommended per night. Research also shows taking naps is very helpful in keeping your brain sharp and relaxed.
  3.     Exercise. Going to the gym always helps take our minds off school and exams while also helping us feel refreshed. If you are unable to go to the gym, there are many ways to stay active throughout the day. One way I stay active is choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevators and stretching every morning. All the small little exercises can add up and help you relax physically and mentally.
  4.     Healthy Eating. Many of us have heard the quote “you are what you eat.” In many cases it has been proven to be true. To remove stress, we must remove the toxic things in our bodies. It is best to avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine during finals week. In some cases, these substances can make us even more stressed than we would’ve been had we not indulged in them. Eating a healthy breakfast as well as healthy snacks throughout the day can have an incredible positive impact on us. During finals week, I prefer to snack with almonds and dark chocolate because they are proven to sharpen your mind.

5.     Talk to a friend. In situations where we feel alone, it’s important to know we aren’t. During finals, we can become so isolated into our own worlds and forget others are going through a similar experience. Talking to a friend can help us feel more comfortable and allow us to receive new tips about dealing with stress. Overall, talking to someone can truly benefit us mentally and emotionally.

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