Manchester City and Chelsea: Final Preview

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Chelsea’s 2-0 win over Real Madrid in the Champions League Semi-Final on May 5th sets Chelsea up for their matchup against Manchester City on May 29. This match will be played for the right to be crowned champion of the UEFA Champions League. The UEFA Champions League is a tournament where 36 of the best European clubs all come together to compete. This year marks Manchester City’s first Champions League Final appearance and Chelsea’s third. Before this year, Manchester City had never reached a semi-final in this competition, while Chelsea had only won it all in 2012. 

Manchester City is coming off their win against Paris-Saint Germain (PSG) on May 4, where they won 2-0. Both goals were scored by Riyad Mahrez, who has proved his importance to the club since he arrived in 2018. For the most part, the game looked even for both teams, as PSG had more possessions and shots but was not nearly as efficient as Manchester City who were able to convert on the opportunities they had. 

As for Chelsea, they have been in great form since hiring their new coach, Thomas Tuchel. Tuchel’s arrival has turned their season around in the Premier League and other competitions. The players which they signed over last summer have also improved their performance under Tuchel. Chelsea held off Real Madrid in their win with goals being scored by Timo Werner in the twenty-eighth minute and Mason Mount in the eighty-fifth minute of regulation. 

According to Bleacher Report, this will be the eighth time in Champions League history where two clubs from the same country play in a final and the second time in three years, as Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur, also English clubs, met in the final in 2019. It will also be the first time that an American player will win the European competition, as either Zack Steffen (Manchester City goalkeeper) or Christian Pullisic (Chelsea forward) will be crowned champion. 

Many football fans are excited about the matchup due to the star veterans and young prospects on both sidelines, with each team averaging almost two goals per game in the tournament. The styles of play of both teams are similar: high press, dominant possession, and a threat on counterattacks. 

Manchester City this season has been dominant in the English League, where they currently sit in first place with a comfortable lead above second place Manchester United. Chelsea, however, is now in third place and faces competition from other clubs to ensure a top four finish. 

Last month on Apr. 17th, Manchester City and Chelsea played against each other in the FA Cup semi-final, a game where Chelsea came out with the victory in a 1-0 win over City. 

Although that match was over a month ago, we saw another preview of the matchup on May 8th. This match was during the English League regular season; therefore, it won’t have much meaning for City as they have technically already won the league.

No matter the final outcome of their clash on May 29th, it is inevitable that the game will be nothing short of exciting due to the fast-pace playstyle of both teams as City look to capture their first Champions League title while Chelsea looks to add a second one in their club history.

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