Club Spotlight: Model United Nations 

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The Queens College (QC) Model United Nations club offers students hands-on opportunities to learn about current events. Their ultimate goal is to educate students about the functions of the United Nations and international issues. 

The Model United Nations club is currently working on materials for the biannual national conferences. Club President Jordan Tomiye told The Knight News about the preparation for the conferences. First, the club discusses possible agendas for the conference. After an agenda is voted on, the team spends time drafting resolution papers. Students also use club meetings to practice speeches relating to the agenda. Both are presented to judges at the national conferences. “This is an oversimplification of what happens,” Tomiye said. 

Topics revolve around pressing political and current events issues. Past topics included displaced refugees in Latin America, food insecurity, and climate change. Club meetings focus on learning tools to succeed in Model United Nations conferences. Students learn the difference between formal and informal meetings and the structure of a resolution paper, among other aspects. 

The March 13th meeting was a mock conference session. Each delegate represented a different country in the United Nations. The team finalized the speakers’ list and practiced reading speeches. The student representing Venezuela discussed the dangers of explosive devices on civilian life. The student representing Ghana discussed the need for more sustainable transportation in urban areas. Each speech focused on solutions to the issue. 

For the remainder of the meeting, delegates collaborated on working papers. The topic was Global Economic Inequality. The working papers tackled points such as expanding government aid, drawing attention to social housing, and creating a minimum wage standard. Delegates advocated for lower tariffs for the benefit of international trade. “You cannot assume things from a working paper,” Club Vice President Rene Yaroshevsky stated. 

In April 2021, the club hosted a Zoom event called “Understanding, Preventing, and Countering Violent Extremism in Africa.” Executive Director of the West Africa Centre for Counter-Extremism, Mutaru Mumuni Muqthar, spoke at the event. In 2019, the club presented “Self Determination and West Papua.” Guest Speaker John Anari, Ambassador to the United Nations of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua, spoke at the event.

In 2019, the QC Model United Nations won awards for Honorable Delegation and Outstanding Position Paper. In 2016, the Team received an award for Best Delegate. “The Model UN team continues to be a prestigious club within the school,” reads the club’s website. 

Interested students can attend meetings in Rathaus Hall Room 210 on Mondays and Wednesdays during free hour. Students can also fill out a new member form on the club’s website: The club’s Instagram is @qcmodelun. “There isn’t a set standardized way to join the club. Anyone is welcome at any time,” Tomiye said.

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