Queen College’s New and Innovative Business School Launches

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Credit: Queens Courier

Business schools across the United States graduate thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders every year. Queens College (QC) is joining those schools with the launch of its own business school. The QC Business School will provide affordable education and help students climb the socioeconomic ladder. 

There are prominent business schools in New York City, such as New York University and Columbia University. QC will have to compete with them. Economics Department Chair Professor David J. Gabel, explains, “we will compete by offering a quality, innovative program at a reasonable price.” Students at QC are often able to graduate without student loans and the business school will continue that legacy. 

With the business world rapidly changing, the school will offer many dynamic courses. Professor Gabel also hopes these new majors such as “fintech and business and corporate policy, will attract more majors.” 

As of now, the Business school does not have plans to expand to graduate-level courses. According to Professor Gabel, “the Economics department will focus on undergraduate courses.” However, “we are expanding our business programs, as is the Accounting department.”

The Queens College Business School has an advantage that many other schools do not have, and that is diversity. According to the Business School Dean, Professor Kate Pechenkina, students at the Business school “come from 145 countries and speak 87 languages. This diverse environment is indispensable for training the business leaders of the future.” 

Furthermore, Professor Pechenkina is also “very excited about our new Bachelor of Business concentration in FinTech that introduces classes on blockchain and cryptocurrency to the curriculum.” 

QC President Frank Wu made comments at the Business school opening reception on March 3rd, where he expressed great confidence in the future of the Business school. President Wu described how “students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge right on campus since we have a Tech Incubator and a Small Business Development Center.”

According to President Wu, “the Business school isn’t just for business, accounting, and economics majors; we expect it to attract students interested in a wide range of subjects, such as political science, social justice, ethics, and cultural differences in the universe of business.”

Some students have already expressed interest in the Business school, such as Syed Kazim. Kazim is a freshman majoring in biology interested in the Business school because of “the increased attention on business in the modern world.” Kazim is particularly interested in the FinTech program because “cryptocurrency seems to be the future and understanding it is a key component of being a part of the economy of the future.” Kazim also hopes that the Business  school can “connect students to internships which will benefit them in their careers.”  

The Queens College Business School will host many great professors and students who have the ability to make  a national impact. The Business school will provide students across New York City an affordable and meaningful education while learning the fundamental pillars  of business.

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