The Knight News Discussion With Top Queens College Administrators

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On Dec. 1st, 2022, The Knight News team were invited to sit down with three of the top administrators at Queens College: President Frank H. Wu, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Jennifer Jarvis, and Interim Dean of Students, Student Affairs Director, Student Development and Leadership Dwayne D. Jones, Sr.

At this event, The Knight News had the opportunity to ask them a few of the burning questions regarding an array of topics around campus. Below are the questions asked along with an audio file with an answer given by a respective administrator.

Question: In what ways do you hope to improve the school spirit on campus after coming back from the pandemic especially since Queens College is traditionally a commuting school so it’s more difficult compared to schools where everybody is on campus at all times?

Question: Being in the Student Union I have seen that there is a general sense of confusion about the principles and the technicality of trying to put forth things to get them done. What do you think can be done on a yearly basis to counteract that, since student leadership is changing all the time, and most of that information is passed down generationally?

Question: Is Campus Group a software?

Question: Are there any plan’s to make CCP meetings more assessable for those with conflicting schedules?

Question: How is Queens College addressing the problem of Mental Health?

Question: Are there any plans to implement signs around campus that give students information?

President Frank H. Wu responding to a question from The Knight News.

Question: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Queens College systematically and culturally today?

Question: What are the future plans looking like to return more administrative offices?

Question: Are there any steps to aid students incoming or current with Navigate or other CUNY sites?

Question: Looking at the transfer from online education does that change the admission process and what you look at?

Question: How would you weigh each of the necessary components in the application process?


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