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On the quiet corner of Woodward Ave stands a very unique business. The outside white brick interior looks inviting. Inside, you’re transported into a dimly lit space where good food, drinks and a love of the macabre create a spooky combination. We’re talking about The Flying Fox Tavern, located in the heart of Ridgewood, Queens. 

Stepping inside, you glance at the gothic style wallpaper, the dark wood exterior, and classic horror decor. It has a mysterious, yet friendly ambiance, eager to welcome all walks of life. Whether you’re into the goth, punk or metal subcultures, a dedicated horror fan, or if you’re looking for a spooky place to take the family, Flying Fox Tavern has something for everyone. 

The Flying Fox Tavern opened January 2022 to accolades from local media outlets. As the tavern approaches the Halloween season, it shows no sign of crawling back into the grave. It has a steady clientele, a mixture of locals and those commuting from other areas. The Flying Fox deeply cares about the Ridgewood area as they occasionally host punk/goth pop-up markets, featuring local alternative vendors. 

During the day, the bar is open. A patron can sip their favorite brew alongside images of Dracula and Frankenstein. Reflecting upon its namesake, The Flying Fox has, of course, images of bats. During the weekends, DJs set up while a huge black painted bat on the wall hovers over them. 

While you’re taking a look at the menu, classic horror films flicker on one of the walls. The Flying Fox has both a brunch and a dinner menu. The food does not disappoint. For ghouls who do weekend brunch, you have selections such as The Traditional Fry Up featuring pork from the Ridgewood institution Morscher’s Pork Store. If vegan food is your thing, try the Stuffed French Toast. If you’re into sandwiches, you can munch on fried tofu and burgers. If you prefer dinner, you can start with oysters as an appetizer. Afterwards, have a Chickpea Schnitzel or perhaps the Brick Chicken. You also have a choice of a burger or fish sandwich. However, the vegan dessert of What’s In The Box is highly recommended, it’s shaped like a skull and is one of the tavern’s signature dishes.

If booze is not your idea of fun, fear not. The Flying Fox offers both alcoholic cocktails and virgin mocktails. The Count has both a gin and mocktail variant. If you desire stronger spirits, order the Nosferatu, which has the mixology of Espresso, Licor 43, Bailey’s and Alamande. The entire drink menu features namesakes from classic horror characters. 

The vibe of The Flying Fox is a mixture of an English style pub with elements of the traditional goth influence. The early days of goth from the U.K. Batcave era comes to mind. Speaking of music, there’s DJs spinning goth, darkwave, post-punk, new wave, rock, punk, country, hip-hop and more. The latest happening at The Flying Fox is the monthly lecture series. On Halloween, there’s going to be an interactive mystery dinner. Purchasing advance tickets are encouraged. 

Oh, and when you go to the bathroom, don’t forget to wash your hands. Otherwise the giant Hellraiser poster hanging in the restroom will haunt you. 

The Flying Fox Tavern is located at 678 Woodward Avenue Ridgewood Queens, NY 11385

You can check them out here 

Check out their Instagram and TikTok accounts: IG: @flyingfoxtavern TikTok: @flyingfoxtavern


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