Spooktacular Halloween Party at Queens College

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Ever since Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, students can experience fun on-campus events to connect and share special moments with each other. This year, the Student Association’s Halloween Party was full of surprises and events that made for a thrilling night. 

Enter if you dare toward the haunted walkway where ghosts and ghouls greet you. Once entered you hear the DJ’s tunes and see a lit-up dance floor. Throughout the ballroom are various tables to rest and chat before dancing.  There were cool drinks, a water bottle station, snacks, and a spooky art table ready for a colorful night. Colorful glow sticks and beaded necklaces were provided for accessorizing. There was an interactive photo booth allowing guests to choose their poses and have their picture printed out for a physical reminder of the exciting night. On both sides were projectors playing classic Halloween movies. 

The night started off when the DJ began to play upbeat music. They engaged with the crowd and continued to uplift their mood. When playing Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller,” the DJ invited everybody to dance. A highlight of the night was when dance circles started to form around the crowd. One of the first dance battles was between two versions of Miles Morales’ Spiderman. A variety of genres were played throughout the night that made everyone dance and sway their hands high. The energy could be felt throughout the dance floor as more dance circles formed and the DJ played an array of genres.

The Halloween Party was also an event where students could show their creativity through their costumes. Students wore costumes of their favorite characters, creatures, and outfits. Chelsea, a biology major, and Neville, an English major, were both dressed in the iconic red jumpsuits from “Money Heist,” to show their love for the show. Aaliyah, a nutrition major, was dressed as a circus ringleader accompanied with sparkling makeup. Friend groups coordinated in matching outfits such as a group of fairies. Ghostface was also seen dancing with the crowd. 

Cristina, a social work major, dressed as Tiffany Valentine from “Bride of Chucky.” She said, “The night was fun. You got to meet new people you didn’t even know went to your school.” Throughout the night, students made connections to people through costumes and dancing even if they had not known each other before. Victoria, an early childhood education major, dressed as Cowgirl Barbie from “Barbie” said, “Same, the event was inclusive and my first time going to an event like this.” The two fabulously dressed sisters were glad to attend the Halloween event together as they attend different CUNY colleges. The Halloween Party was open to all CUNY students, letting students share more memorable moments with their friends and family.

To end the night, the winners of the airpod raffle prize were announced, and the costume contest was full of creativity. The Student Association’s Halloween Party was an unforgettable event that all students can look forward to. The night served as a reminder of the joy that comes from having fun together.

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