10 Tips to Get a Good Start at Queens College

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College is a new environment and everyone at Queens College is busy in a seemingly overwhelming space. For upcoming freshmen and transfer students this change can be strenuous. Nevertheless, the bright side is that QC provides a large campus and numerous opportunities to grow professionally. Throughout the few years that I have been here, I have gathered pieces of wisdom on how not to fail miserably in college. 

  1. Choose your classes wisely. Get the hard classes out of the way because you will most likely be experiencing burnout by your last year. Also, if you’re not a morning person, be aware that morning classes might not be for you and it will be easier to fall behind. 
  2. Go to class. Doing so will help you comprehend the material more effectively. Missing classes is dangerous, addictive, and not worth it for those more minutes of sleep. You will end up slipping behind.
  3. Learn about time management. It can be difficult to adapt from another educational institution different to QC. It will become your friend. It is all about discipline and once you get the hang of it, the rest of the semester will go smoothly. 
  4. Make a calendar for your classes. Google Calendar is a favorite. Planners are never a bad idea and it will make it easier to manage your time wisely. It is much easier than scrolling through Blackboard to find what the work is for the next class. 
  5. Seek academic help when needed. It’s completely understandable to be afraid to look for help. However, QC offers a place to study and find tutoring at Kiely Hall’s Learning Commons. It is a space for peer tutoring, workshops, etc. There is no need for appointments and Zoom is also an option. 
  6. Join a club. It can be challenging to make friends in class and it could get lonely at times. Clubs can give you a community where you feel welcome. There could be multiple clubs that might interest you. Therefore, always reach out to them through social media or by visiting QC’s website or popping into their room in the Student Union!
  7. Explore campus. Take advantage of your free access to every nook and cranny on campus and find a good place to just relax and chill or do schoolwork. Most students’ first option is the library, but if that is not your vibe, there are ball sculptures/chairs outside the front of Klapper Hall and when the weather gets warmer it is an enjoyable place to study. There are many more places to find and make it your place — are you up for that challenge? 
  8. Explore new interests. College is about being open-minded! If you are a Computer Science major do not be afraid to test the waters with Anthropology or Philosophy and vice-versa. Even if you do not see it as a career for yourself and are only curious about it, always feel free to check it out. You might like it more than you anticipated. 
  9. Make appointments with your college advisor. It is crucial and will help you to know more about your academic status, such as GPA, credits, graduation, and so forth. This can be overlooked by some students, but it is pivotal for your academic career. They will assist you with academic guidance, planning, problem-solving, recommendation letters, graduate school preparation, and overall contribute to your success in college. 
  10. Take good care of yourself! College can be intense, and at times, all-consuming. Remember that your well-being makes Queens College “Queens College.”Establish a routine and stay hydrated, do not fear taking some mindful breaks during your study sessions. Always remember that if you need to speak to someone, you should do so. Counseling services are offered on campus that are free and confidential.

There are many more tips than the 10 listed above. You’ll learn more as you go and will be able to give more to the future upcoming students. QC prepares you for the future and helps you grow as an individual, develop new interests, and learn more about yourself. Everyone is here for a reason, and that is what we all have in common, a better future. Keep moving forward, without fear of success!

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