Clubs were introduced to a new platform — UKnighted — set to be a key part of student life. Photo: Edwin Di Geronimo Hernandez

Queens College Launches UKnighted as its New Campus Engagement Platform

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The Office of Student Development and Leadership recently introduced UKnighted, a platform hosted on Campus Groups, in hopes of increasing participation in clubs on campus.

The platform allows QC students to connect and engage with clubs and organizations, other students, and keep up to date with events taking place on campus.

Although Queens College has transitioned from online to in-person learning, campus life has continued to struggle post-pandemic. By providing students and club leaders with a centralized platform to engage with students and stay up to date on events, the adoption of UKnighted aims to facilitate a stronger campus community.

Kya Simmons, the associate director in the Office of Student Development and Leadership told The Knight News elaborated on what the office hopes the platform can provide to students.

“The purpose of the platform is to create an online space where students can see exactly what clubs and organizations are doing. They can see all the upcoming events, they can make sure that they can add it to their calendars so that they don’t miss it and to be able to connect students in the way that they are already connecting in the 21st-century,” Simmons said.

The transition process to UKnigthed began on January 4th when the leaders of student clubs and organizations were informed that the college adopted UKnighted as its new, official club management platform.

As part of the transition process, training sessions were held throughout the month of January to help club leaders adjust to and learn how to use the new platform.

Brian Urena, an upper sophomore majoring in Dance and the president of the Queens College Dance Union describer his experience attending a training session to The Knight News.

“Throughout the meeting, Kya the host of the session, had informed us about how to customize our accounts, how to send in event request forms and space request forms. It was a session that was pretty clear and straight to the point”

After training sessions were held for the leaders of student clubs and organizations, an email was sent out to the general student body on February 5th — which informed and gave all QC students access to the new platform.

“Previously, I think a lot of students were looking for what was happening at Queens College and they weren’t sure where to find that information so they were probably scouring allthe bulletin boards between here and Powdermaker,” Simmons said.

When asked if she was excited to gain access to a software that would more closely connect her and her club to the campus as a whole, Jacqueline Horowitz, a senior majoring in Graphic Design and the president of the Queens College Anime club told The Knight News:

“Yes, because from past events of me running around trying to figure out information for the clubs has been difficult. There obviously are things that need to be fixed with this new software, but for now as we all learn we can hopefully see how things go.”

The platform marks a step in the right direction in making a more clear and connected campus experience, but as more students start using it, only time will tell how effective UKnighted is in creating a more connected campus.

Students can access UKnighted by going to UKNIGHTED.QC.CUNY.EDU and sign in by using their QC CAMS account login. If students and/or club leaders have any questions about how to use UKnighted they can contact Kya Simmons at

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