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Panel stresses need and support of women in STEM fields

The Center for Ethnic, Racial and Religious Understanding hosted an event titled Women and the Sciences March 11. A panel of women including CUNY students and professors discussed the challenges women face in STEM, an acronym f...
by Candice Samuels

Photo by Amanda Goldstein
On March 22, the MTA increased the fare from Metrocards from $2.50 to $2.75

MTA increases fare despite public outcry

The MTA increased subway and bus fares by a quarter on March 22, making the per-ride cost rise to $2.75. The Queens College campus, located in one of the most diverse boroughs of New York, is a well-known commuter school where ...
by Yarah Shabana

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The mock trial team at Queens College is both a competitive, yet fun activity to do, according to the team members.

Mock trial team sets the bar high in court competitions

The Queens College Mock Trial, formed in 2013, enables students to learn how to argue cases, examine and cross-examine witnesses and be comfortable in the courtroom setting. Although the trial is simulated, the knowledge gained...
by Philipp Regala



Tuition reimbursed for undocumented CUNY students

CUNY gave thousands of dollars back to undocumented students who have been overpaying their tuition. Upon admission to the school, many undocumented students were uninformed they should have been charged in-state tuition, Loren...
by Yongmin Cho


CUNY and SUNY students are not customers

Earlier this month, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, proposed withholding 10 percent of funding for CUNY and SUNY should they fail to provide “performance improvement plans.” Essentially, CUNY and SUNY colleges m...
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QC's NYPIRG chapter and SA President Raj Maheshwari (right) talked to state representatives in Albany about college investments on Higher Education Day.

NYPIRG rallies in Albany on Higher Education Day

After traveling for hours, more than 300 students throughout New York gathered in Albany on Higher Education Day, Feb. 26, to meet with representatives to discuss college investment. The trip, organized by New York Public Inter...
by Victor Hillegren