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Photo by Jordi Sevilla
The first ever TEDxCUNY event was held at Macaulay College and focused on access in education.

TEDxCUNY showcases influential CUNY students and faculty

For the first time in history, CUNY held its first TEDx event.  TEDxCUNY was held this past month at Macaulay Honors College, with over a dozen speakers and hundreds of attendees. The event streamed live online and other CUNY ...
by Johanna Cadet


Virtual reality headset debuts at TEDxCUNY

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset letting players step inside their favorite games and virtual worlds. At TEDxCUNY, two game developers, Christopher Hart and Micahel Hazani, showed off their games using the device. Chris...
by Jordi Sevilla


Op-Ed: CUNY Board of Trustees Set to Eliminate Your Right

The Board of Trustees of the City University of New York, despite continuous opposition from elected student leaders, is set to strip students of a fundamental right: the right to remain silent without the assumption of guilt d...
by Lucas Almonte



Queens College joins CUNY 2020 program’s investment plans

An economy bouncing back is ripe for investments; the CUNY 2020 program incentivizes the colleges to create economically stimulating ideas and compete with other CUNY schools. CUNY 2020 is a “Challenge Grant Program” that p...
by Fernando Echeverri


Hey CUNY What About Us?

The number of students attending CUNY schools is growing to such high numbers that CUNY officials announced enrollment this year was the highest ever recorded. This is great news, right? More students attending CUNY means more ...
by Albert Roman



Investments in QC improving resources for students

New York State made a large investment into all public universities for their 2014-2015 budget, adding over $3.2 billion in overall funding to CUNY, according to the CUNY 2014-15 State Adopted Budget Preliminary Analysis. From ...
by Fernando Echeverri