Photo by Ali Abbas

Queens College celebrates Homecoming Weekend

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Photo by Ali Abbas
Photo by Ali Abbas

Queens College hosted its annual homecoming on Sunday, Oct. 20, welcoming returning alumnus, Hollywood producer Alan Siegel and performances by students as well as a concert held by singer, pop icon and reality star Cyndi Lauper.

“I’m so happy to be back to a community that I cherish so much, without QC, I wouldn’t be here today,” said Siegel, the keynote speaker.

Siegel fondly recalled the experiences he had at QC as the school had an impact on him. He loved his professors and the theatre department in particular.

“The theatre group was great. There I felt a world filled with opportunities. It was in King’s Hall that I felt comfortable in my own skin,” Siegel said.

He spoke of the challenges he faced on his path to becoming an actor and manager and how he learned to practice persistence and to push himself.

President James Muyskens also attended and remarked that Siegel embodies all that QC is about.

“Siegel’s speech was great. He is a perfect example of the persistence that the QC student has,” Muyskens said.

Muyskens said that QC is successful because it has served numerous students from diverse backgrounds.

“We fulfill our mission by serving so many students. We are inexpensive, research shows that we are one of the universities with the best bargain in America. We have an incredible faculty and top of the rank program,” Muyskens said.

The returning alumni attest to the fact that Queens College served them well when they pursued their undergraduate degrees.

Nancy J. Seroff was a returning alumni from the class of 1967. She did her undergraduate and graduate schooling in QC where she majored in psychology and music. She then got her master’s degree in psychology.

“I’m excited to be here. I was a music major so I liked their department,” Seroff said.

Marilyn Rey was also a returning alumnue from the class of 1982. She had an associate’s degree before she decided to come to QC to major in accounting.

“I really appreciate the degree that I got from QC. I think it’s really a good school. There is a lot of judgment about its credibility but it is a good school,” Rey said.

Clarice Hoffer from the class of 1997 passed on her advice regarding her experience in Queens College.

“It’s never too late to do anything,” Hoffer said.

Hoffer said that there was a 10 year break before she decided to go back to college.

“I came back after 10 years and I had the credits of a lower junior. I still wanted my degree, it’s never too late,” Hoffer said.

The returning alumni recalled fond memories of the college. They also enjoyed the carnival that was later hosted on the Quad.

Cyndi Lauper later performed from her hit album “She’s So Unusual.” Her tour marks the thirtieth anniversary of the album. She sang classics such as “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” and “Time After Time.”

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