Hang ups cause students to stay in school longer

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Students are choosing to stay an extra semester, year or even two years at Queens College; longer than the expected four years it usually takes to obtain a degree.

Part of the reason for the extended stay is that students are part of the last group to choose classes during registration and then have to wait for their financial aid and credits to go through.

Many of them are transfer students that come from SUNY and private schools.

Christine Gangpat, junior transfer student from John Jay, argues that dealing with administration contributes to the setback.

“It’s actually mostly over the phone that I had a problem. I tried calling and no one answered. When they did answer, I was put on hold,” Gangpat said, on trying to make connections at Jefferson Hall.

Transfer students may miss out on classes needed for their majors and have to wait or take Sunday classes, like Gangpat does. Credits are also an issue. Queens has its own general requirements that can be different from other colleges, forcing students to remain longer.

Also, being a part-time student and taking a smaller credit load causes students to extend their school career. According to the school’s website, one-third of undergraduate students are part-time.

Students may choose to switch or add majors and minors at later times. Each one has its own requirements, which can leave students needing more time to complete them.

“We see quite a few who haven’t graduated in four years due to numerous circumstances. Additional majors and minors are for those going to grad school really, they make a student more attractive on paper,” academic advisor Noelle Crumlish said.

Students are encouraged to visit the Academic Advising Center in Kiely Hall for their academic concerns and the One Stop Service Center, located in the Dining Hall, for financial aid and registration inquiries.

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