Media theorist has big plans for Queens College

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Douglas Rushkoff, world-renowned media theorist, joined QC’s media department this semester to establish a media masters program.

Rushkoff’s passion for media brings excitement to the QC community due to his notable

presence in the industry. Other scholars and programs rave about Rushkoff’s groundbreaking theory of how the digital age we now live in is constantly changing our daily lives.

“I am extremely enthusiastic about being at Queens College. It’s a uniquely friendly campus, with students, researchers and teachers who are truly grateful for this privilege of time, space and collegial support,” Rushkoff said.

Rushkoff began teaching Propaganda and Media Theory this fall.

The media studies chair, Richard Maxwell, was also enthused with Rushkoff on board by taking the already acclaimed media studies program to the next level. Maxwell said how Rushkoff brings his inventiveness to the table.

“Which is fundamental when you are trying to create a unique and exciting graduate experience,” Maxwell said.

Professor Rushkoff did not always see himself teaching at an institution like QC. Instead he said he saw [himself] “teaching at some private college”.

“I learned more about student debt and economic inequality and realized I’d be much happier at a public college, where I can teach a wider range of people, without feeling guilty,” Rushkoff said.

Rushkoff and Maxwell both expressed their confidence in developing a one of a kind masters program. Rushkoff said he wants to establish a graduate program that offers a new way of engaging with ideas while turning students into people who see the world open to their intervention.

“Sometimes it’s hard to get that something world-class is occurring in your own back yard,” Rushkoff said. “It’s going to be a crowd of scholars and activists from around the world coming and doing crazy, exciting things that then gets the attention of the rest of Queens.”

“The masters program is an ambitious one that intends to be a top U.S. destination for graduate studies in media and digital culture,” Maxwell said.

The professor title is one more accomplishment to add to the list for Rushkoff, who is very well known and respected in the industry for his work on how media is playing an overpowering role in our lives.

Most recently Rushkoff debuted his twelfth novel, “Present Shock When Everything Happens Now.” In it Rushkoff explores the changes in technology that have transformed our thinking about time, being present and the value of life.

Rushkoff also made appearances on NPR and The Colbert Report. In his second appearance on Colbert, the satirical host proclaimed to him, “You just blew my mind!”

Rushkoff projected words of wisdom to his students and for this generation who are consumed by media products and are constantly on social media.

“Learn to look into people’s eyes. It changes everything,” Rushkoff said.

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