Christopher Nolan’s Insterstellar contemplates bleak future for Earth

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Christopher Nolan, director and producer of The Dark Knight trilogy, added another notch to his blockbuster belt with the thought provoking film “Interstellar” this month.

Written by Nolan and his brother Johnathan Nolan, “Interstellar” presents Earth in its final stages of complete disintegration.

In the film, the planet lost the majority of its resources due to a progressive disease. NASA believes Earth will no longer be able to maintain mankind. The film centers on Cooper, Mathew McConaughey’s character, and his fellow astronauts who set out to find another habitable planet suitable for continuing human life.

Interstellar is nearly three hours of adventure and science fiction in a rural stretch of farmland plagued with dust storms. The film exhibited both familiar and new aspects of Nolan’s ability to convey a story. However, at times it felt rushed and choppy.

Nolan avoided providing a backstory for the desolate present-day Earth and how it came to be that way. Despite this, there is a great amount of suspense, which makes up for humanistic shortcomings.

Cooper comes across as the accidental all American hero. He’s almost always willing to take huge risks for the love of his children and has a slight disinterest in mankind as a whole, a clear difference from most films.

Ann Hathaway plays the role of Brand, a beautiful and brilliant woman with a touch of hope. She portrays a subtle character that was rarely driven by emotions and always kept the mission in mind of finding a suitable place for mankind, avoiding Hollywood clichés.

There were moments in the film that struck the same chord as Inception, another Nolan film. Inception confused many viewers who were lost if they missed a minor detail. The same applies to Interstellar.

The film’s sound was a reoccurring distraction. There were several times where the sound was not consistent and it cannot be determined whether it was a minor mistake or done on purpose. Either way, it took away from the film because in this genre these elements must fuse perfectly.

Overall, “Interstellar” provoked many thoughts on the current state of the Earth, and far more extravagant thoughts on “sister-like” planets.

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