New federal grant to Queens College assists disabled students

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Queens College received a five-year federal grant from the Department of Education’s Student Services Program for an initiative to help low-income students with disabilities.

For the next five years, $220,000 will be allocated to the Office of Special Services for Students with Disabilities, which totals $1.1 million.

Rep. Grace Meng, D-N.Y., announced the initiative to the public last month.

“Queens College does an outstanding job preparing students for their futures. I am happy to deliver the great news about these important funds, and I’m pleased that that money will allow this critical program to continue. I look forward to many more Queens College students benefiting from the Disability Student Support Services project,” Meng said.

Students who are learning disabled, autistic, dyslexic or any other disability are affected by this grant. The money is specifically targeted for those either from low-income families and the first to go to college.

QC previously held the grant for around 20 years but lost it in 2005, according to Dr. Mirian Detres-Hickey, director of QC’s OSS.

Detres-Hickey, who worked at OSS for 10 years and is experienced with disability services, worked with her team to ensure the grant would be given to QC.

Despite ensuring federal funding, Detres-Hickey and her team will ned to write another 150 pages or so for more funding in 2020. Still, she said it was helpful, no matter how much it was.

“Every little bit helps. It’s a small part of a large need,” Detres-Hickey said.

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