Renovations at Queens College benefit media studies and science students

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Renovations at King Hall and Remsen Hall should give students an improved TV studio and modernized science labs.

QC decided to renovate the TV studio at King Hall and the labs at Remsen Hall using a $2 million grant allocated for such projects.

The improvements will include an improved green room, modernized electrical equipment and a makeover of the entire TV Studio at King Hall. There will also be more spacious laboratories and modern lab equipment at Remsen Hall.

While some students may view this as a distraction, media studies and science majors are now able to get better hands-on experience with more modernized technology.

“Maybe this could help us learn how to produce shows or even be on TV,” Jordan O’Brian, a sophomore majoring in media studies, said.

While these new renovations will benefit students, it will also help out the teachers as they can teach in a spacious area with better technology.

“[Students in Remsen Hall] are making due with setups that aren’t designed for research,” Robert Engel, interim dean of Math and Natural Science, said.

Over the past 50 years, both halls looked the same and required much-needed renovations.

“I’ll probably enjoy class more with newer equipment after the renovations are done,” Miguel Rodriguez, media studies major, said.

While most of these renovations modernize the technology in King Hall, the college is committed to use less energy and be more resourceful. The school added LCD lighting and efficient air conditioning systems because of this.

“The real purpose of this project is to position our students to walk out of here and be marketable from day one,” Dave Gosine, director of Campus Facilities, Construction & Design, said.

Many of these renovations, while viewed in a positive light, may distract students whether they are going to class or relaxing on the Quad. Yet some students around campus are not aware of renovations at all.

“I hadn’t honestly noticed, but there seems to be good coming out of these renovations than anything else.” Robin Verma, a sophomore, said.

The renovations in King Hall is expected to be completed at the end of the fall semester; however, there is no due date for the completion of the renovations in Remsen Hall.

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