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Mixed emotions on campus for Mets in World Series

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Photo by Brandon Jordan
Photo by Brandon Jordan

The New York Mets reaching the World Series since 2000 was major news for Queens College students following baseball. Of course, not all are happy about it.

“[I am] absolutely not [happy about it]. I’d rather see them lose every year than root for them,” Jordan O’Brien, sophomore, said.

The Mets defeated the Chicago Cubs to reach the World Series in a playoff sweep, while the Kansas City Royals, their opponents, defeated the Toronto Blue Jays by winning four out of six playoff games.

Other students, like senior Angelo Zamudio, embrace the Mets, hoping for a blue-and-orange victory against the Kansas City Royals in the World Series.

“It’s about time the little brother of New York got a chance,” Zamudio said.

A worry among Mets fans is other people now supporting the team despite not following most of their season. However, sophomore Michael Carlier said fans in New York City are not known for this.

“Within New York, there’s always black-and-white and very little areas of grey when it comes to rooting for teams,” Carlier said.

The Mets, after years of struggling, may become the top team in New York, dethroning the New York Yankees. Their success may result from grooming young players instead of free agents.

In fact, teams like Royals and Chicago Cubs reached the postseason by developing young players, rather than use high-salary free agents.

“Many expect that with just money you’ll succeed as a team. But now, thanks to these teams, that isn’t the case anymore,” Carlier said.

For Mets fans, the Yankees are no the big brother because of mistakes and abundance of aged players.

Still, Yankees fans on campus do not believe a power shift occurred in power in New York.

“It is nothing more than a fluke to be honest. Yankees will take New York back once the Royals beat the Mets,” Kenneth Stiefel, sophomore, said.

The Royals defeated the Mets in Game 5 7-2 at Citi Field to win the World Series, a feat last achieved in 1985.

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