Student at the Summit evicted for possession of weapons

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Public Safety recently received a tip not often seen at Queens College—a student residing at the Summit possessed weapons.

The New York Police Department, at the request of Public Safety, searched the resident’s room, which was shared with another person. Officers found marijuana, a BB gun and a knife.

An anonymous resident at the Summit said she saw police cars parked outside the dorms and cops on her floor.

The person said she knew both students, but were acquaintances rather than friends. She could not believe the two would store weapons in their room.

“I freaked out. Why would you have that?” the source said.

One student was charged with menacing, possession of marijuana and a BB gun on a CUNY campus. For the second student, possession of a knife was a C-summons, which refers to a criminal-court summon.

The Summit evicted both students, who will appear before a campus disciplinary committee.

Public Safety sent an email Oct. 14 to the student body about the incident to remind students about the college’s policies with weapons.

Director of Public Safety Pedro Pineiro said no additional measures would be taken because of this incident.

“QC continues to be a safe place where people can study and work. The Public Safety department continuously monitors incident trends and adapts its patrol strategies to them,” Pineiro said.

Pineiro said the incident stressed the importance of students, faculty and staff helping Public Safety in response to potential incidents.

“The arrest, with the help of Summit tenants and staff, validates that a community working together can maintain a positive level of security while not being overbearing,” Pineiro said.

The Summit Apartments did not respond to questions from The Knight News as it was an ongoing police investigation.

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