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During the 1960s, many black accountants felt there were not enough promotions for them in the corporate world.

However, in 1969, nine people decided to create NABA to help members network and challenge discrimination.

Forty-six years later, there are more than 20,000 members with chapters set up at over 150 colleges and cities across the country, including at Queens College

The QC chapter was inactive for many years but returned in November 2013. Kevin Lee, a senior and vice president of the club, said NABA was a vital organization to have for students.

“[The] chapter was re-established two years ago by Nigel Barker, current president of NABA QC, and me with the help of three other students. NABA QC’s objective is to bridge the opportunity gap for the students of QC and to create business leaders. It was created because we felt the need for professional development at QC,” Lee said.

The organization’s logo is two hands lifting each other up with their slogan “Lifting as we climb!” written at the bottom. The two hands represent NABA’s goal of helping the careers of future generations and the struggle of its founding members.

The club’s room is located at Student Union LL13. It is used to register any interested students and to plan for future events.

The chapter’s events include resume and professional development workshops. They also invite special guests to help guide students on their career paths. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to learn about corporate culture in different industries.

Barker said these events offer a rare chance for students to advance in their ideal career.

“The purpose of our events is to expose our members to potential job opportunities, expand their network and to help them develop and hone their own skills,” said Barker.

One specific event organized by NABA for Oct. 28 dealt with Bank of America. Five employees of the company came to the college and shared their career experiences. They also offered advice to students interested in banking. A networking hour was made at the end with a recruit collecting resumes and talking about the firm’s internships.

Barker said being with the chapter helped him start a career in finance.

“NABA QC helped me secure an internship with JP Morgan and obtain scholarships for school. I was able to build my network and hone my skills to become a better professional. I love the organization and enjoy giving back to younger students,” Barker said.

For more information on NABA’s QC chapter, email nabaqueenscollege[at]



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