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What do Revisions and QC Voices have in common? Both are offered by Writing at Queens.

Writing at Queens, part of the English department, provides the two resources for students and faculty to submit their work.

Revisions first began in spring 2004 and publishes annually. Each issue deals with a set topic like general change.

Students and professors write about the issue and submit their piece by deadline. Once reviewed by editors, writers are notified if their work was chosen.

Erin Spampinato, an English professor, said this year’s topic would deal with free speech and censorship.

“The topic of speech is vital to students’ lives. We’d like to get our readers thinking about the complexities of speech. Our larger goal is to get a conversation started at Queens about how the complexities of speech affect our writing and our lives,” Spampinato said.

QC Voices is another resource from Writing at Queens. Instead of writing papers and assignments for a typical English class, students can blog about topics they feel are relevant for the QC community.

“The project is about giving students a voice in the campus community, in addition to showing off our students’ talent for writing. This year’s group includes bloggers who focus on travel, DIY crafts, Queens neighborhoods, language and education, math, politics and Humans of QC.” Jason Tougaw, English professor and director of QC Voices, said. “It’s not uncommon for QC Voices bloggers to pursue careers in the fields they blog about.”

Tougaw said blogging offers a chance for students to get involved with the digital writing culture.

“The digital platform enables a lot of flexibility and variety. [It] adds something really tangible and human to the college’s public profile. It’s also a window into the variety of ways our students understand and engage the world. [They] make connections between what they study in their courses and the world beyond our campus,” Tougaw said.

Revisions is available in print, but is found at https://revisions.qwriting.qc.cuny.edu/. QC Voices is also found at https://qcvoices.qwriting.qc.cuny.edu/.

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