New restaurant offers healthy Greek alternatives

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Queens College students are quite likely to have seen or heard of Gyro & Bowl. The restaurant recently opened its doors at 59-24 Kissena Blvd. and has since proven to be a great place for those who aim for healthier alternatives to the other options available in the area.

The restaurant features a vibrant mood with a brown brick wall, bright blue tiles, a nice balcony and includes both indoor and outdoor seating.

The ambiance of the Greek food joint feels as if it is a restaurant in Manhattan. A feeling that is only contradicted by its view of Kissena Blvd.

Besides gyro sandwiches and bowls, the restaurant also offers salads, kale smoothies and Greek style burgers along with some vegetarian options. It also provides delivery service and discounts through the Seamless app.

Behind the counter sits the gyro, ceaselessly rotating at a low temperature to ensure a tender, fresh and crispy feel to the pork, lamb and chicken rotisseries.

The meats can either be ordered on a traditional roll sandwich or in a bowl with two sides. These sides include salad, basmati or brown rice, green slaw, beans or fries.

Their salad bowls feature Buzzfeed-worthy combinations that can include kale, chickpeas, brown rice, quinoa or avocado. In addition to the traditional gyro meats, salmon and shrimp can be added as a side to the salads. This adds a remarkably tasty flavor to the already delicious dish.

Greek style falafel burgers are also featured to the menu as a delicious alternative for vegetarian and vegan customers.

According to one of the restaurants staff members, a large majority of Gyro & Bowls customers are QC students – around 80 percent.

Students praise the restaurants fresh food options and claim it as a major appeal to the local food joint.

This fresh food option comes at a cost, however, with most meals running around $10 without beverages. Salad bowls cost as much as $14. The portions however, are generous and could be shared depending on ones appetite.

Bernard Fabrizi, a sophomore, frequents Gyro & Bowl and finds the restaurant a nice alternative to the more popular spots on or around campus.

“Gyro and Bowl counteracts the kind of food one would expect to be around Queens College,” Fabrizi said, referring to its healthy lifestyle offerings.

Gyro & Bowl currently has a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Grub Hub and is open daily from 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM.

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