Administration investigates recurring vandalism at SU

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The Student Union at Queens College serves as the meeting place for all students. It houses several religious groups, the Student Association and various clubs populate its basement.

One unlikely visitor however, has found asylum in this student refuge—a graffiti tag near the basement depicting the letters of Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity.

The vandalism was first reported to the building manager on Jan. 24 by custodians but after further investigation, students revealed to the Knight News that the graffiti was spotted on Dec. 14, over a month prior to it being reported.

John Andrejack, Director of Student Life at QC, expressed how the administration feels about the act of vandalism.

“The people in charge of the Student Union are outraged,” Andrejack said.

Andrejack has ordered an investigation into the incident and investigators are working under the assumption that the members of Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity are not responsible – rather the belief is a rival Greek organization did it in spite.

Emanuel Avila, Associate Director of Judicial Affairs and Service Learning, is serving as the head of the investigation.

“It could be someone else trying to tarnish their reputation,” Avila said.

Avila has personally witnessed similar situations on other college campuses where Greek organizations will sabotage one another in a similar manner. He wants to give those involved “a chance to give their own story.”

Avila pointed out the fact that Greek life at Queens is still under development and has gone through a constant change in leadership as former Greek advisors have been cycled for the past year.

“Greek Life here is one that’s still in its early stages,” Avila said.

It is unlikely that the chapter of the affected fraternity will be penalized but rather any individual found liable through the investigation will be.

Further exacerbating the issue is this is the second time that a graffiti tag was reported to the building manager. Graffiti was reported in April of last year as well.

It is unclear what letters were put up the first time since the custodian who found it quickly covered it up on his own accord.

Frank Wilson, the operations manager of the Student Union does not want this to be a recurring problem.

“Let’s just say that you’re having a little fun. But now that it’s the second time it’s an issue,” Wilson said.

Wilson has worked as the operations manager for the past 11 years but he has not had to deal with any blatant vandalism like this.

“I was upset. It has never happened before,” Wilson said.

Avila puts his confidence in the Greek community at Queens College to prevent this in the future stating, “offenses will not be tolerated by the college.”



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