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QC unveils 4 year graduation program for Fall 2017

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Queens College recently unveiled its “QC in 4” four-year graduation plan, which will be available this fall for incoming freshmen.

Students who commit to the voluntary four-year plan agree to earn 30 credits a year, completing 15 each semester starting Fall 2017. Students are also expected to enroll each fall and spring semester without interruption, with the option of attending classes during the winter intersessions and summer sessions and applying those credits toward their required minimum. The program is the only one of its kind in New York City.

“We’re very proud of our talented, hard-working and ambitious students,” QC President Felix Matos Rodriguez said. “We know our graduates lose no time in achieving success, and so we expect that a great number of our incoming freshmen will want to take advantage of this opportunity to graduate in four years.”

The program came at a prosperous time for Queens College, as it approaches its 80th anniversary of serving the New York community. For the year thus far, Queens College has been ranked in the top one percent of all colleges in promoting economic mobility from the bottom fifth of income distribution to the top fifth, and has been named a top producer of U.S. Fulbright Students. The school also received the honor of being the first public college in New York State to receive 1 million dollars from the Give Something Back foundation, to support 50 lower income students through four years of tuition-free study.

“QC in 4” was developed by academic experts in the Provost’s office with the needs of students in mind. To ensure success, the program will provide students with critical tools, resources, and support throughout the duration of their time at QC. This includes providing a four-year “academic map” for eligible majors, and academic advisement upon enrollment as well as prior to registration for subsequent semesters. Additionally, students will be given an academic planner and online degree audit to help them monitor and evaluate their degree progress, as well as identify any steps that may be needed to ensure successful completion of their four year graduation plan.

Student Association president Japneet Singh applauded Queens College’s new program. Currently working toward a master’s degree in Accounting at QC, Singh graduated and received his bachelor’s within 4 and a half years.

“This program is awesome,” Singh said. “Having a threshold of 30 credits to meet and advisors to keep you on track is a big help. And graduating in four years means you get to explore the next level of opportunity at a quicker pace—that’s a great advantage.”

In addition, former U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King praised the program. “Research shows that if students enroll in and earn 15 credits per semester, it is highly likely that they will earn a degree without loads of education-related debt. We applaud Queens College for its ‘QC in 4’ program. As a participating institution in Ed Trust’s OASIS (Optimizing Academic Success and Institutional Strategy) initiative, we look forward to sharing this best practice from Queens College with other members of our network.”

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