Student and Knight Ryan Roslonowski reflects on his time at QC

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Whether he’s inspiring a younger generation of soccer players or revving up his own team as he takes his place on the field, Ryan Roslonowski is always looking to make a change for the better. Now a sophomore at Queens College with an undeclared major, Ryan is looking to make the best of his time here at QC and it all started when he was only four years old.

“I’ve been playing soccer since I was four. There were a lot of other sports that I was exposed too, but soccer was really the one that intrigued me.”

An active and cheerful child, Ryan was determined to stick with soccer throughout his college education. Graduating high school a semester early, he soon recognized the unique opportunity he had been given to get a head start on his life.

“I was definitely overwhelmed at first by how much work it was trying to balance school, work and a personal life all at the same time,” Roslonowski said.
But despite these challenges, he’s managed to prove himself over this past year to both his team and his coach. All this, he said, was inspired by his father.
“My father is a large motivator for me, he’d take me out when I was younger and we’d play sports together. In a way, I’d say a lot of his sports accomplishments are what inspire me to push myself as hard as a do.”

Roslonowski’s father is one of the few whom tackled and completed the Ironman Triathlon, which consists of a variety of challenges including a 112 mile bicycle ride and a 26.22 mile run, raced in order and without a break.

On top of playing two different positions on the field, center back and right back, as well as being a full-time student, Roslonowski also works outside of school, coaching younger children soccer practice on the weekends. This leaves Roslonowski with very little free time. While this workload may stress out many students, Roslonowski handles it with ease.

“When you’ve been doing something for 15 years you grow accustomed to it,” he said. However, despite his busy schedule, Roslonowski always makes time for his studying and his daily workouts.

“The most beneficial thing for me was having a planner. If I could plan my day and make sure I stuck to it, I knew I could make this work.”

When he is not following his rigorous schedule, Roslonowski enjoys some of the benefits of being a 19 year old college student.
“When I do have a free time I usually just spend it with friends, it’s important to maintain a social life.”
Roslonowski also gave advice to incoming freshmen who plan to pursue this kind of busy schedule, being a student and athlete, “Don’t lose sight of what’s important, have everything planned, get yourself a notebook and keep track of everything. If you do that, you’ll be fine.”

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