Five Ways to Get Back on Track

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Whether complex or simple, we all have goals ,but sometimes life simply gets in the way of our fulfilling them. Where it’s a poor grade on a test you spent hours preparing for,  the end of a five-year relationship with someone you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with, or a death in the family—life definitely has its way of creating setbacks. So much so that they may completely deter, distract or make you forget what you truly want to achieve. In times like these it’s important not to lose yourself during moments of grievance, failure, or disappointment. Here are some tips to ease you back on track and keep you there:

1) Pace Yourself

    In an age when everything is basically instant ,thanks to technology, having patience seems

    just as hard as doing the work itself. No matter what your current struggle is, recognize that it

    will take time for you to both overcome it and to get where you where you would like to be. If

    you are one for planning things and setting time tables go for it! Not your thing? That’s

    perfectly fine too.

 2) Scroll, Watch and Read with Caution

     It is almost an innate habit to form an opinion about someone else, especially with social and     entertainment media present. While these sources have good aspects, they do leave us

     vulnerable to self-critique rather than self-improvement, therefore inhibiting us from

     escaping whatever negative feeling we may have already. So, your best bet is to limit your

     Interactions with such platforms and stop when even one negative thought

     about yourself creeps up.

  3) Visualize

      Write down your positive attributes and/or make a dream board of your

      aspirations. There are no set rules on how to achieve this  Just make sure they are placed in

      visible locations such as your bedroom wall, bathroom mirror, or cellphone/computer

      screensaver. In this way, you can remind yourself of what you want and what you are

      working toward. Sure, all of this is in your head, but your mind can get cluttered.

  4) Clear Your Head

      I know it sound easier than it feels, right? But engaging in activity that you enjoy or

      trying something new can make you feel like yourself again and get your creative

      juices flowing. Moreover, this allows you to stop over-analyzing past

      events that are completely out of your control. For me, walks, hot showers, a quick thirty

      minute workout, or even venting to a close family member or friend always seem to do the


  5) Strive for Your Best, Not Perfection

      If perfection is your goal, you are setting yourself up for failure.

      Perfection is unreachable. Instead, do what you are best at, slowly

      challenge yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

It could take anywhere from a few minutes to years to reach a place of optimism and acquire everything you need to get you where you want to be, but you should start somewhere and these five tips are your stepping stones.


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