The Art of Self Care

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Having anxiety is tough. Having anxiety while in college, makes it even more difficult. It can be hard to deal with constant anxiety while juggling classes, a social life, and a job, but if I can do it, so can you. One major key to handling absolutely everything without going insane is having a self-care day. Self-care is when you take a moment to yourself to do absolutely whatever you want and just mentally blank out. Your self-care day doesn’t have to be a whole day, but you must carve out some hours to yourself—just yourself, no one else—to destress. The only way to have a successful self-care day, or moment, is to get as much done as possible so you do not spend the entire time stressing about what you’re supposed to “really” be doing. (Not that I’m speaking from experience, or anything.) I’ve put together some helpful tips to make the most out of a self-care day—it’s empowering to take care of yourself, because you only have one you.

  •      Finish your To-Do List: If you’re anything like me, you’ve got things on top of things to do, so having a self-care day seems impossible. What I highly suggest is getting whatever is due for tomorrow done, and relax. All your classes are not on the same day, and all your essays and tests are not due on the same day either. Do what is mandatory first; getting what is immediately due finished relieves some of that inevitable school anxiety and leaves room to have time for yourself without worrying about what is due the next day.
  •      Planning: Part of self-care includes activities that aren’t so fun, like planning your next move. The only way to know what’s due first is if you plan! If you plan your week or month out so you know what to do, you will often find that there is one day in that week or month that you can really treat yourself.
  •      The Fun Part: Self-care takes many shapes and forms. Whether it’s binge watching a show on Netflix, trying out a new face mask, or going to your favorite store and getting something you really want, you’re doing what makes you happy. Personally, my favorite thing to do is buy a new book I have been eyeing and read it all in one sitting.

These three tips will not only help relieve your anxiety, but get work done. The art of self-care also works as a time-management tool. When you are trying to carve out time to do something you really enjoy, you find yourself more motivated to complete the more boring tasks, like essays. Or studying for exams. Or doing your readings. When’s my next self-care day again…?

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