5 must-see places to visit in New York during the winter months

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New York is extremely beautiful. “The city that never sleeps” has many tourist attractions during the winter. Even if you live in New York, there are 5 places that every New Yorker should visit this winter.

The start of winter hints that it is almost time for Christmas. Many of us don’t enjoy winter because of the weather. However, the weather should not stop us from making memories and enjoying the sights New York has to offer. Below I have listed the five places I encourage everyone to visit to have a wonderful winter experience.

Wollman Rink. Located in Central Park, during the winter visitors specifically travel to ice-skate at the rink. Central Park is also filled with many activities. If ice-skating is not exciting enough, visitors can stroll along the lake, take pictures of the beautiful scenery, or check out the Central Park Zoo.

Bryant Park Winter Village. Located between Fifth and Sixth Avenue, Bryant Park is simply beautiful. It’s very special to visit during the winter because of the “Tree Lighting Show.” The Christmas tree is truly amazing to look at, and is conveniently located right next to the ice -skating rink. Many visitors travel to take beautiful pictures with the tree, while others visit to ice-skate. It is also convenient to note that there are many shopping centers close by.

Rockefeller Center. Located in Midtown Manhattan, people travel for the annual Christmas tree lighting. Visitors can shop or dine and travel 70 floors up to get a glimpse of the beautiful city. There is also ice-skating available at the center.

Empire State Building. The Empire State Building has an amazing view of the city. During the winter, you can see a great view of the city lit up with all of the Christmas lights. It’s the perfect place to visit with a friend or significant other. Many people also travel to take beautiful pictures of the city. There are many restaurants located nearby, making it convenient to grab a bite before or after seeing the city on the top floor.

Times Square. Located in Midtown Manhattan, it is an amazing place to visit as well. Times Square is filled with many entertainment options as well as its fair share of shopping centers. Time Square is also very exciting on December 31. Many music artists perform as the countdown to the New Year on January 1 begins. The concerts are also broadcast live on TV for those watching at home. Many people travel to see the ball drop on New Years Eve, as it’s a great opportunity to see many live performances by your favorite artists, as well as get a great start to the new year ahead.

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