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Queens College named best value college for teaching degrees in New York State

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On January 23, 2018, Queens College was named one of the top 20 best value colleges for teaching degrees. The ranking process consisted of acceptance rates, program popularity, breadth of programs, retention rates, and net price. Queens College offers 97 registered programs that give future teachers the building blocks to be successful.

Queens College student, Michael Muldoon, was extremely happy to be part of the education program. He commented, “It is important for students receive an affordable education. It is exciting because it opens the possibilities that students may not typically have. The education they receive will shape the person they will become and investing in higher education is the correct way to go”. Michael Muldoon is a political science and secondary education major. He is a full-time high school teacher and a magician, along with being a full-time student. He came to Queens College because it was “affordable and local.” He continued, “It is important for students to get a prominent education. Many students are unable to afford schools like Yale and Harvard. Getting such a great education with a reasonable price in a diverse environment is benefiting the future educators. which, in return will benefit the future generation.”

Azra Omeragic, who is uncertain about becoming an elementary school teacher, was not surprised to hear the exciting news. When asked about Queens College being named one of the top best value school, she responded “So far, I’ve taken a few classes in the education department and those classes have been the best classes I’ve taken.” She continued, “The professors are unbelievably helpful and inspiring. They encourage me and it’s clear they are passionate about education. The students in the department are extraordinary as well. They are driven and hard-working, ready to make a change for other students”.  When asked about why she choose Queen’s College, she stated, “The diversity and the affordability are the two main factors. I’m getting a great education without spending an insane amount. I’m also thankful for the beautiful campus”.

Queens College not only has an amazing Education Program but a variety of successful programs. With affordability, Queens College offers more than 130 programs and 40 certificates. All the programs are unique and have a lot to offer the students. When describing the Queen’s College’s position on the list of the Best Value Schools, the staff said “Not only will you find an extremely cheap bachelor’s degree in teaching at CUNY Queens College, but you’ll also find a school that seeks meaningful engagement with its community. Thanks to the Center for the Improvement of Education, you can be part of a city-wide effort to bring together schools, agencies, businesses, and other organizations to help children flourish and grow. Another benefit of these partnerships is that it helps the school design teaching degrees that meet the needs of local students. Of course, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to help local students yourself when you complete a field experience in the city.”

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