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Traveling is something almost every person dreams of. One of the hidden opportunities CUNY Queens College offers, is the ability to travel and learn about a location as you study there. This is the beauty of the study abroad program.

The study abroad program at QC offers an incredible variety of courses, ranging from studying the language of a country, to its history, and even sociology. Alongside education, the benefit of studying abroad, is experiencing the beauty of a new country. After all, while New York is commonly referred to as the premier destination for a vast range of diversity, there’s nothing like expanding one’s horizon through traveling.

Study abroad at QC isn’t just for the purposes of travel, but to integrate the outside environment, with course material. Contrary to the typical classroom setting, freshman Anna Savva, a political science and comparative literature major, described her experience in the study abroad program. “I love Queens College, but when I look out the window I see people playing basketball, not colorful parrots flying around. [When studying abroad] you would see rabbits around the campus, turkeys and bandicoots roaming the grass.”

Savva has been studying abroad since she was 12 years old, and moved to America for college.

On top of studying at QC, Savva recently traveled abroad to Australia for the winter 2018 session. Savva emphasized the importance of the environment one studies in, adding that going to another country puts a student in a new learning space, and can help one get out of the lull they face in their usual environment.

“The actual building [Savva studied at] was a historical land mark…a castle—like a real life castle. The college was called the International College of Management Sydney, it was on the beach, a two-minute walk from the hub of the city we were in, and a short ferry ride to the Sydney Opera House,” Savva explained.

While traveling does come with the natural fear a student may have when going to a new place, for an extended period of time, the staff at the study abroad office at QC do an amazing job at preparing students for the experience.

Bhavina Ann Hemnath, a junior majoring in sociology, discussed how the advisors provided her the information she needed before travelling to Greece during the Winter 2018 session.

While explaining the basics of traveling, and navigating the airport, Hemnath explained she was nervous to travel because she did not know the native language. “I was nervous that the main language was Greek. But my professor told me that most people spoke English, and that I would be fine,” Hemnath explained.

Hemnath’s study abroad journey with Professor Nicholas Alexiou for sociology, was the first time that she traveled alone—and that too, to Europe, however she added that the study abroad office answered all of her concerns, and prepared her for the journey.

The educational opportunities offered via the study abroad program are remarkable. Currently, Summer 2018 offerings include French Language and Culture, Paris: A Literary Adventure, Berlin: German Language and Culture, Greece: Through the Eyes of Travelers, several programs for Florence & Central Italy, Japanese Language and Culture, Intensive Arabic in Morocco, Teaching English as a New Language in Nicaragua, Seoul: Korean Studies in South Korea, Barcelona: Sustainability & Resilient City in Spain, and Exotic Sri Lanka: Experimental Learning in Microeconomics.

Hemnath encourages students to study abroad, as though the expenses might be high, students have a range of scholarships they can apply for, to save money. “I highly recommend studying abroad. The Greeks have amazing hospitality, everyone was welcoming and willing to help you, the program gave credits to my major—it was perfect” Hemnath reflected.

Savva shares this view, adding, “I could not recommend this experience more. It really allows you to expand on your knowledge while expanding upon yourself. There is absolutely no reason to be nervous, the Study Abroad office leaves you beyond prepared for your new experience. The only thing you should worry about is how to fit all of the souvenirs in your suitcase!”

The deadline to apply for Summer 2018 Programs is March 26, students interested in applying or learning more are encouraged to visit the study abroad website and office in King Hall, Room 203.

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