Things to do in NYC: Spring break destinations

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New York City has something for everyone. Even if you are blown away by the hustle and bustle of the city, there are still plenty of things for you to see and do. Adults and children alike will be enthralled by many of the landmarks that can be viewed by the public in any of the city’s museums. Additionally, fortunate foodies will be delighted to check out the many dining options that are available in Manhattan.

Ellis Island Immigration Museum                                                      

Many immigrants from Europe first set foot in America at Ellis Island. Today the Ellis Island Immigration Museum is a perfect monument to explore. One can walk around the museum looking at the various artifacts left by the immigrants. There are also guided tours offered in nine different languages that allow visitors to relive the immigrant experience. These tours only last about an hour and are for all ages.

American Museum of Natural History

Located near Central Park, this museum is one of America’s most iconic science museums. The museum is made up of around 45 exhibition halls in addition to a planetarium and a library. The museum contains about 32 million different specimens. These artifacts range from dinosaur fossils to early human remains. The specimens aid in the development of diverse fields from genomics to anthropology. The museum offers guided tours that can satisfy a curious mind. There are also many children and family programs offered by the museum.


Jing Fong was founded as a dim sum restaurant in Manhattan’s developing Chinatown during the 1970’s. The restaurant’s fate was uncertain due to high operating costs. However, luck prevailed, and today Jing Fong is one of Manhattan’s premier dim sum spots. There are two locations, one in the Upper West Side and one in Chinatown. The menus for both locations offer a wide variety of foods to choose from. Familiar Chinese fare, like dumplings, make an appearance in both locations. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, Jing Fong also offers exotic foods such as jellyfish. Vegetarian options are offered in both locations. Jing Fong also has a banquet hall that can serve as the site for events such as birthday parties to corporate events.

Founded in 2008, L’Artusi offers a modern take on traditional Italian dining. The restaurant offers two floors of comfortable seating options. This restaurant was featured in the FORBES 2016 All-Star Eateries In New York list. Chef Joe Vigorito offers classic Italian fare with a modern twist. The menu offers a wide variety of foods all throughout the day. L’Artusi’s menu features familiar dishes like spaghetti and more exotic foods such as sweetbreads. There is also an extensive wine list offered. Reservations can be made before arrival on the restaurant’s website or by phone. Private dining options are also available upon request.

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