QC listed by Princeton Review Once Again in “The Best 384 Colleges: 2019 Edition”

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It is no surprise Queens College has once again been featured in Princeton Review’s flagship college guide “The Best 384 Colleges.” Princeton Review college guide was first published in 1992. Within it’s timespan, QC has been featured in all of it’s 27 editions.


In addition to this, Money Magazine has listed QC among the top 11 percent of colleges nationwide as “Best Colleges for Your Money,” for 2018.


QC has a wide variety of programs and courses, contained within a beautifully maintained 80-acre campus, which speaks volumes as to why it is highly revered by both Princeton Review and Money Magazine. QC’s free shuttle bus allows many students to avoid overpriced metrocard fees, and is a quick and easy mode of transportationoften times faster than most communal forms of trains and buses. Students can arrive directly onto the campus, and get to their classes without worry.


Ashik C. a junior majoring in computer science commented on QC’s  Money Magazine accomplishment, “It’s great that I go to a school where I don’t have to worry about buying metrocards. Sometimes the amount of courses can be daunting, but overall I love that we have so many options to figure out what we want to do in the future.”


Students seem content with QC’s huge campus, and the ability to take part in a variety of courses and clubs. Mohammad R. a junior majoring in economics commented on the Princeton Review list, stating, “It’s understandable as to why Princeton Review picked QC. It’s a very calming environment that just invites you to learn new things everyday. I’m still discovering new places here everyday that I didn’t even know existed.” R. added QC encourages students to explore on their own terms, to find what they really wish to do in life, allowing students to have a warm-welcoming experience for learning and for creating their own opportunities.


QC has many options for students to relax during breaks, including the Corner Pocket building containing a variety of recreational activities, such as an air hockey table, a pool table, and even a Playstation 4. Throughout the semester QC has many events taking place, such as “Club Day,” a day where students get free goodies and can explore and join many different clubs on campus, along “QC Finals Week” where a variety of activities are held to support students during finals week, featuring puppy rooms, manicure and massage stations, hot chocolate, cookies, and more.  


Muhammad Raza, a junior majoring in computer science, commented on Princeton Review’s listing of QC, “I think it’s a proud moment for us. I am very happy to be apart of this school, and I’m always having tons of fun when I’m not off studying in the Rosenthal Library. I’ve made a lot of new friends here.”

The Rosenthal Library at QC contains a wide-variety of resources to acquire new information and skills through it’s many computers and books. It is also wheelchair-accessible, like most of the other buildings, to ensure no students are left out.  


QC, after 27 consecutive mentions in Princeton Review’s “Best 384 Colleges,” still remains strong on the list, and will no doubt be mentioned again for next year’s issue. The wide-variety of courses and clubs is unshakable. It is among the best schools that would be considered “your money’s worth,” and there are always new opportunities and events brewing in QC’s magnificently beautiful campus.


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