QC students ask for better changes as semester begins

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Imagine—getting to lecture on time (for once), walk in, and find it’s cold to the point where everyone in lecture seems to have a jacket with them—except it’s ninety degrees outside. This is what it’s like to attend lecture at QC.

College campuses are often depicted as vibrant, full of students that are tirelessly pursuing what they want in life. While this image may hold true for some, in reality, there seems to be much QC students have to say about changes they’d like to see on campus.

Freshman political science major, Warefta Hassan, believes there should be “a main desk to get help with directions and anything in general,” adding her freshman standing makes her feel nervous about asking other students for directions around the campus. Hassan stated she’d like to see more signs on campus for those with a poor sense of direction, navigating all the buildings.

Aside from general direction, Alexandra Liotopoulos, a sophomore majoring in political science wishes to see different types of food options on campus, and more places to go to for a quick bite since the dining hall is always packed during free hour. Liotopoulos commented on the air conditioning and heat issues some students may face, adding, “While the AC may work in some buildings, it doesn’t work in others.” Liotopoulos explained she would like to see the AC and heating become more consistently in all buildings of Queens College.

Anastasia Liotopoulos, a sophomore at QC discussed the common mention issue of poor Wi-Fi on campus. Liotopoulos discussed Kiley Hall, often has poor Wi-Fi connectivity, making it extremely difficult to get work done in class.

Junior secondary education major, Hanae Elmanasir shares Liotopoulos’ sentiment, adding, “changes to the campus for Wi-Fi improvement are one of the many things QC needs to work on.”

Elmanasir also explained she hopes to see the return of a bookstore on campus. “A bookstore on campus all year long and more course books in the library [are changes I wish to see]” Elmanasir added, explaining that a bookstore on campus would cater to students, providing them to buy books all year round.

Elmanasir also added her hope for the scheduling of Winter classes caters to the weather, by “eliminating classes at Queens Hall, [to prevent students from taking] the long walk in the freezing weather.” Elmanasir commented that many of the “chairs in lecture halls are broken” making it hard to be comfortable in class, in addition to creating the struggle of finding a seat in lecture.

Senior computer science major and mathematics minor, William Haley commented on the changes he’d like the next generation of QC students to experience, requesting better HVAC in many buildings where “air conditioning and heat has a history of falling flat on its face often” Haley stated.

Haley explained he would like to see “Kiley Hall investing in new signs, so [I] and countless students don’t get lost.” Haley would also like to see a refill on hand sanitizer stations, since it seems to be empty most of the time, and to even have a number to call maintenance staff if the soap dispensers in the bathroom are empty—an issue now addressed by Participatory Budgeting on campus.



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