Updates at the Benjamin Rosenthal Library

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The Benjamin Rosenthal Library serves the CUNY Queens College community in a variety of ways. From being a great place for students to focus and study in, to the wide variety of services the library staff offer, the library is always looking for ways to serve the student body. Currently, there are many changes coming to the Benjamin Rosenthal Library. The Knight News recently toured the library with Outreach & Communications Librarian, Jeremy Czerw, who updated us on all things new.

Czerw’s first stop was the main entrance near the circulation desk. Across from the desk is the rotunda with a new exhibit entitled “Pride activism and Solidarity”. The exhibit was put together by John Carlson, Student Life Events Manager/ LGBTQI+ Programs Coordinator for the Office of Student Development and Leadership. Czerw mentioned that this exhibit is being featured in conjunction with a brand-new collection the library has, entitled “The Queer Collection”. The collection was funded through the New York City Council, in an effort to get new LGBTQ+ books in the library. Czerw encouraged students to stop by and see the exhibit in the rotunda, before it changes at the end of the spring semester. 

Then, Czerw mentioned some upcoming services being integrated into the library. He reported that the Writing Center will be moving to the library during the Fall semester. The move is expected to be a win-win situation for students, since they will be able to directly access research services from the library, in addition to getting one on one help with their assignments. 

Czerw also reported that the ITS help desk should be on level 2 of the library by the end of the Spring semester. The ITS help desk serves to help students who have trouble accessing their CUNYFirst account, Blackboard account and other online CUNY services. Additionally, a Q-Card office will be arriving at the library, near the entrance, by the end of the spring semester. As Czerw puts it, “The objective is to get as many services as we can in one building”. 

Lastly, Czerw pointed out that whereas the first floor of the library may not be appealing to students, the library staff has taken notice and has set plans to renovate the first floor. Coming soon is a new lounge, new furniture, new study pods (such as those on the fourth and fifth floor) and a lot more useful space. 

Czerw credits Chief Librarian, Kristin Hart, for coming up with the initiative for all these ideas. Nichole Baez, an editor for The Knight News, was present for the tour of the library and seemed pleased with all the upcoming new additions and renovations to the library.  

Baez made special note to mention that she appreciates the library’s efforts for trying to increase awareness about research services offered at the library. For students who aren’t aware, if you stop by the third floor, there’s a librarian present to assist you with conducting research for your assignments. 

Ultimately, students stand to gain plenty from all the exciting projects and renovations that the library has planned. 

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