Sheriff Deputy is Fired After a Video is Released of Him Beating a Man Goes Viral

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On September 13th, a video was released of Sheriff Victor Hill from the Clayton County Police Department beating a black man named Roderick Walker. The video went viral and gained a lot of media coverage, resulting in the firing of the Sheriff deputy. The deputies involved in the case are being investigated and are facing charges. 

This incident occurred after Walker and his family returned a rental car and were stopped by police for a tail-light violation. According to Hill’s lawyer, Shean Williams, Walker told the deputies that he “didn’t do anything wrong before they told him to exit the car.” This incident is what supposedly led to the officers’ use of excessive force. 

 According to CNN, “The officers asked Walker, who was a passenger in the car, for his ID and told him to exit the car, which led to the confrontation, an attorney for Walker had said.” The video of the deputy beating Walker then went viral, “Sheriff’s deputies, including one who was immediately terminated for excessive use of force after witness cellphone video of the brutal beating was posted on social media and went viral,” according to ABC News. The Sheriff’s deputy can be seen in the video beating Walker. 

Police brutality has impacted the African American community more than any other racial group. Walker has been released from jail but is currently recovering from injuries obtained from the incident. He since has spoken publicly about the case to CNN reporters: “I just want to let y’all know that I was scared and I feared for my life […]  I just pray and just hope that it don’t happen to nobody else.” 

Walker has since experienced multiple medical issues related to the incident, including cognitive problems, headaches and blurry vision, according to a follow-up conducted by CNN. The public response to Walker’s arrest and beating was negatively received. According to ABC News, “Cellphone videos of the incident, taken by a witness and by Davis, show two Clayton County Sheriff’s deputies on top of Walker trying to handcuff him. One of the officers is seen punching Walker in the face and body and yelling, ‘He bit me.’” After the incident, Walker was arrested and held in jail for unrelated charges, but received bail after the incident occurred.According to ABC News, Sheriff Hill has stated that “Mr. Walker’s legal counsel will have to resolve these issues to secure his release.” Sheriff Hill has not been released as of yet. The other two deputies involved have yet to receive a penalty for this case. 

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