Harry Styles Spreads More Than Just Love On Tour…

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Harry Styles, the UK singer that was once a part of the infamous british boy band One Direction is currently touring the states along with his special guest, Jenny Lewis. A majority of Harry’s fans, including myself, have been anticipating this moment for almost two years since the pandemic has postponed his tour which was originally planned for 2020. 

Styles has made it clear since the beginning of the pandemic that he is in favor of combating COVID-19 with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as getting vaccinated and continues to encourage his fans to do the same. Styles started the tour this August, so as fans post pictures and videos from their concert, other fans were sure to spread the word of the standard Styles is expecting of his attendees. Most recently, Styles performed two sold out shows in New York City at Madison Square Garden, with three more sold out shows at MSG all being completed by the end of this October. 

A recurring theme amongst fans of Styles attending his concerts is dressing up for his shows to match the concept of his album and his previous outfits. Many of the concert goers took to social media platforms, such as TikTok and Twitter, to post about their outfits before their show, setting yet another standard for fans to prove their love for the artist. Since many fans had so much time to carefully curate their outfits throughout the pandemic, some decided to elevate their outfits by either buying or making a matching mask.

A New York native and senior in college, Daniel Hernandez, was one of the many fans who took inspiration from Harry and previous fan outfits as he sported a shirt and mask covered in cherries, an obvious reference to the song “Cherry.” Hernandez commented, “I was so upset when the tour had to be rescheduled, but as things reopened and I saw people getting ready for their tour dates, I snapped out of it and got inspired.” He went on to say that he is “so happy Harry is doing all the right things to prevent the spread of COVID while touring,” since he has been affected by some of his friends and family members getting sick. “If he wasn’t taking these actions, I definitely wouldn’t be here right now,” Hernandez said before entering the stadium to enjoy the show.

As people continue to enter the venue, a message is played in each stadium before the performances begin is the booming voice of Mr. Styles himself. “I want to thank you guys for getting vaccinated or tested to be able to come here tonight,” Styles says endearingly as the crowd goes wild. He goes on to say, “myself and the whole Love On Tour team has done the same and we are all taking the proper precautions we can to make sure these shows can happen safely.” The announcement continues with a reassuring message, “I know things are a bit different, but in order to protect each other, I also ask that you do your part by keeping your masks on while in the building and during the show. I’ve always found that you can tell the most about a person from their eyes anyway.” The crowd becomes even louder than before, with fans rushing to their seats, you can feel the excitement and adrenaline in the atmosphere. Styles concludes his message with his tagline stating, “Treat People with Kindness. I love you and will see you guys soon.” 

As the show inches closer to Harry taking the stage, MSG becomes flooded with people, to the point where it feels overcrowded after having been trained for months to stay six feet away from one another. Skyler Francois, a former Queens College student and fan of Styles since 2010, said that she “would do anything to see Harry,” and is, “glad he is doing his best to stop COVID and the pandemic.” Francois has lived on Long Island her entire life and loved going to the city, but since the pandemic hit, she had less incentive to go; “I couldn’t take the risk of hurting my family or myself,” she said glumly, “I didn’t feel comfortable enough to return to the city until I was vaccinated.” As she sat in the crowd with a majority keeping their masks on, she said she is also “so proud of Harry and his support for getting vaccinated,” and hopes that her fellow New Yorkers in attendance are “ready for the best night of their lives in two years!” 

From beginning to end, Harry’s performance is nothing but energetic and inspiring. With the stage set up in the middle of the floor with two runways on opposite sides, Styles did a lot of running around while singing to each section of fans as the multicolored lights kept him and his talented band illuminated. He sang a mix of songs from his two solo albums along with the infamous One Direction song “What Makes You Beautiful,” and made comments throughout the performance that he wanted to see the room full of dancing and having a great night. So, of course everyone did as they were told right up until the end. Styles showed so much adoration for his fans for the whole show, and with the crowd chanting his name back on for a three song encore that has happened at every tour date thus far, everyone could tell he felt the love on tour right back. 

Harry Styles continues to blow the minds of his fans with his outstanding live performances and positive attitude that can’t be beat. With the pandemic affecting so many people, Styles really takes that into consideration and makes sure his show isn’t just about him, but about everyone. His slogan, “Treat People With Kindness,” is a message that fans have taken to heart through these trying times and can’t wait to see what the future holds for his creative genius.

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