New Cast of The Real Housewives of New York City Brings Diversity

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Yes, the rumors are true! There will be six new women holding apples this year. During a segment of Watch What Happens Live at BravoCon 2022, the cast was revealed for the The Real Housewives of New York City’s upcoming season 14. It will include Jenna Lyons, Sai De Silva, Ubah Hassan, Brynn Whitfield, Erin Lichy and Jessel Taank.   

The show follows a group of women that live in the wealthy community of New York City. It portrays their everyday lives and conversations at social events or dinners along with confessional interviews. They will also show how they balance their jobs, family, and friendships within the group. 

Jenna Lyons, one of the cast members, will introduce the audience into the fashion world. Lyons lives in New York City with her son Beckett whom she had with the artist Vincent Mazeau, her ex-husband. She was formerly the President and Executive Creative director of J. Crew Group where she was widely recognized as the creative force behind the company. She is now the co-founder and CEO of the direct-to-consumer beauty company, LoveSeen. It is an organic line of fake eyelashes. 

Jessel Taank is one of the new cast members.

Jessel Taank, a British descendant who lives in the city, is a brand expert that is an outspoken fashion publicist. Taank will be the first Indian to be featured in this franchise. She is most famous for doing things her own way. Taank is married to Pavit Singh Randhawa. Randhawa works in finance and they met through a mutual friend at a New York City bar. They got married in Mexico in 2014, and have twin boys. 

Erin Dana Lichy was born and raised in Manhattan. She lived in a close Israeli family with four other siblings. At the age of 19, she became a real estate agent. Currently, she is the founder of Homegirl, an interior design firm. She is now married to Abraham Lichy, a lawyer and owner of Lichy Law firm. They both live in Tribeca in Lower Manhattan with their three children.

Sai De Silva, an afro-latina, was born and raised in New York City. De Silva lives in Brooklyn with her husband David Craig and her two children, London and Rio. She is the creative manager of Scout the City, a lifestyle blog that ranges from parenting all the way to fashion and beauty. 

Brynn Whitfield, from Indiana, was raised by her grandmother who informed her about helpful lessons such as how to handle life, managing her own story as a mixed raced woman, and the real meaning of hard work. Whitfield is a brand marketing and communications expert. BravoTV describes her as a ‘cheeky trophy wife in training’ because she has a taste for interior design, fashion, and having dinner parties in her small West Village apartment.

Ubah Hassan is from Somalia, but escaped to Kenya with her dad and brother, and later traveled to Canada. She is a model and humanitarian who moved to New York City and made it her home. There, a photographer saw her and she was ultimately signed by a modeling agency in New York. She is also an entrepreneur and the owner of UBAH HOT, a hot sauce company.

Lizzy Savetsky dropped out of the new season due to receiving anti-Semetic messages.

However, there was supposed to be a seventh member of the cast: Lizzy Savetsky. Savetsky is an Israel advocate and would have been the first modern-orthodox woman to be part of the franchise. However, due to being sent anti-Semetic messages on social media and receiving backlash for her pro-Israel stance, she decided to drop out of the show.

They are currently filming, which can take up to three months, and it will air in 2023 with no official debut date released yet. This season is going to be a breath of fresh air because it’s a whole new crew. The ratings of the show are going to prove if the viewers are into this new group of women and if there is going to be a second season with this cast. 

Something that we could look forward to is getting to know more about the cast! For example, who are we going to love or hate, who are going to relate the most to, and who is going to be the audience favorite. It’s going to be one incredible season!

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