How Does Queens College Benefit from Hosting Events and Film Productions? 

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Queens College is known for having a big, beautiful campus, as multiple outside events take place at QC for numerous reasons, including filmmaking. The Office of Venue Rentals and Events (QCVRE) are responsible for films and events that happen on campus around the school year. Some students might hear of them by getting emails from QCVRE about a film shoot that takes place somewhere around campus. But, what exactly do they do besides coordinating films and events? 

Joseph Loughren, Queens College’s Chief Financial Officer along with Brenna St George Jones, the Director of QCVRE shared that besides filmmaking on campus, they have hosted events such as hosting training and testing events for the NY Board of Health, FDNY, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and acting as an early testing site for the Board of Elections. These are just a few examples of many.

However, the most noticeable events to happen on campus are film shoots. With its close proximity to Manhattan and its beautiful campus, QC is a fantastic spot for productions. Numerous networks and production companies have used our campus as a recording site, such as HBO, Disney, CBS, Showtime, Apple TV, ESPN, and many others plus multiple national TV commercials and documentaries. This is a great opportunity for QC to get more recognition around the country. 

This then begs the question, where does the money gained from hosting events and productions? QCVRE stated that these events bring much-need income to campus. These funds generally surpass $1 million per year and are used to support and enhance the whole campus community, according to QCVRE. Funds are budgeted and controlled by the college’s Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation, an administrative body in charge of auxiliary companies such as food, services, parking, etc. QCVRE funds have given $160k for Buildings and Grounds maintenance activities, $130k for the annual commencement ceremony of Queens College, $100k for campus maintenance for preservation, $25k for the In the Footsteps of Dr. King Program (an opportunity for students to visit key sites associated with the civil rights movement) and $25k for Welcome Day, an annual event filled with activities to make sure new students are welcomed to the QC community. 

Furthermore, multiple departments such as Arts, Math and Natural Science, Biology, and Media Studies have received funding as an outcome of conducting events and productions in their space. Moreover, athletic facility rentals, such as the FitzGerald Gymnasium and the Tennis Center contribute to funding for athletic scholarships and sports programs plus facility improvements. Rentals in the Music Building aid in payment for Aaron Copland School of Music students and visitors’ concerts, recitals, and student recruitment efforts. 

For those who are interested in learning more about QCVR, they provide QC students with great opportunities for hands-on experience in which they will gain work experience in multiple capacities while working with departments that organize events. Media Studies students are frequently hired to collaborate with production. Students are frequently allowed to engage and watch many cultural programs held on campus. To learn more, visit here.

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