The Winner Circle Hosts Black Cultural Night

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On Mar. 16th, QC club The Winner Circle hosted Black Culture Night on campus. Throughout the event, students laughed, danced, and ate Jamaican-style cuisine, with the night being focused on various cultures.

The student organization, ‘The Winner’s Circle’ looks to promote a culture of ‘winning’ at Queens College. They achieve these goals by hosting community focused and educational events. Events include Black Cultural Night, Karaoke Night, and informational seminars. 

During Black Culture Night, students learned about the cultures of people of color. The Queens College Caribbean Student Association and York College African Student Association performed Afrobeat dances while wearing Ankaras. In the fashion show, models highlighted Haitian, Jamaican, Barbados, Nigerian, Arabian, Moroccan, Belizan and New York City cultures.

Influential designers created dresses, flags, and accessories. 

The fashion show blended streetwear with traditional clothing, with Gari Fashion being an example. They were inspired by, “Garifuna people, descendants of indigenous Arawak Kalinago and Afro Caribbean people.” They represented the Garifuna peoples’ identities, dances, languages, and customs. Some other brands featured included were TRAPHARDER, Byanymeans, Wealins, and Diff. 

After the fashion show, a delicious potluck dinner ensued. Dishes included rice and baked macaroni and cheese. Singh’s Roti Shop, Good Taste, and Jollof served Jamaican cuisine, among many other ethnic foods throughout the night.

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