A Look Into the Office of Honors and Scholarships

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It isn’t exactly breaking news that college can be scary. There are so many new opportunities and experiences that can become overwhelming at times. However, there are places on the Queens College campus that can help channel this fear into something engaging. Located in the Honors Hall in Room 16, students will find the Office of Honors and Scholarships. Their mission is to help all students, regardless of class standing, gain access to a variety of opportunities that can help students explore any intellectual endeavors they may be interested in.

Taruna Sadhoo serves as the Director of the Office of Honors and Scholarships. She was accepted into the role last August. Ms. Sadhoo herself is a Queens College alumni and has years of experience advising students. She spent her first year acquainting herself with the multitude of programs that Queens College offers. When asked for an update on how she has progressed in her new role, Ms. Sadhoo said, “So, it was a really busy year, but I feel it was a very successful year in building a team, understanding the program areas, and thinking about what I would want to do in my second year as the Honors Director and Macaulay Director.” 

Students are in good hands when entering the office, as the team has helped more than 500 students each semester. Ms. Sadhoo says that the Office of Honors and Scholarships is, “…responsible for advancing excellence and providing comprehensive programming and support for undergraduate honors and scholarship students college-wide.”

Isabella Minano, a sophomore who is majoring in Drama and Theatre, recently visited their office. Minano is a part of Queens College’s Freshman Honors Program. While Minano is grateful for the monetary benefits, they also highlighted the academic advantages they have experienced:

“Although the classes were intense for someone coming into their freshman year, it served as an enlightening introduction to the college environment of classes, preparing students for the trials that come with these types of situations,” they told The Knight News. “We also get access to numerous opportunities outside of the programs such as career and internship fairs.”

Minano recommends the Office of Honors and Scholarships for those who are eager to explore opportunities that have to do with their interests. They said, “Even after you’ve completed the requirements for the programs, you still receive benefits whether it be through scholarship money or offers for internships and other scholarships, ensuring that your college journey doesn’t end with one program.”

But Minano is not the only one who found solace in the Office of Honors and Scholarships. Junior and Economics major Abhinandan Gaba is a J.K Watson Fellow and receives the Mark Rose Scholarship for Economics. Gaba applauds the office for its endless support as well as its staff. He explained, “I don’t think I would be a Watson Fellow without Dr. Sadhoo and everyone else at the office. The most important part of the process was understanding what I wanted to pursue and what my goals were. I was able to understand my goals better through the guidance.” 

Gaba’s advice to interested students? “Reach out. That is the first and hardest step. After that the Office of Honors and Scholarships will work with you to decide what is best for you. After reaching out you are no longer alone but being guided by a capable and informed group,” he said.So how do students interested in scholarships get involved? Director Sadhoo encourages students to check out their website https://qc-cuny.academicworks.com/opportunities for more information on the scholarships provided and their monetary value. If interested in setting up an appointment, students can contact the Office of Honors and Scholarships at their email qc_honors@qc.cuny.edu.

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