Jeffrey Sulik, the new Director of Housing and Residence Life. Photo: Capstone Development

Welcoming The Summit’s New Director of Housing and Residence Life

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The Summit Apartments at Queens College has been a central part of many lives since its conception in 2009. Currently home to over 500 students, the campus dormitories have the opportunity to bring a sense of communal connection to its residents. This is exactly what Jeffrey Sulik, the new Director of Housing and Residence Life, wants for The Summit.

“I want The Summit to be a community where our residents are comfortable to be themselves and feel connected to the larger community,” Sulik said.

Just south of the Fitzgerald Gymnasium, The Summit is more than just a housing accommodation. It’s a huge community of people from different cultures and backgrounds, yet every single person living in The Summit has one thing in common: the education that Queens College offers. But the responsibilities that come with being a student — the classwork, the exams, the internships — can make it difficult for students to come together on their own. That’s why the events that are hosted at The Summit are an essential part of resident life.

“Community building socials help residents get to know each other and add a sense of fun to their living environment. Educational programs challenge them to grow and develop as individuals,” Sulik said.

Sulik knows what this should look like from personal experience. Brought up in the rock and roll capital of the world, Cleveland, Ohio, he was a Resident Assistant himself as a student at the University of Toledo. “I began my college career with the idea of eventually becoming a dentist,” he said.

However, after many conversations with his Hall Director about his future, Sulik hit a major turning point in his life. He made the decision in his Junior year to pursue a career in university housing because he loved the work he was doing as Resident Assistant.

Since then, this line of work has moved him to six different states. Even further, Sulik lived in the country of Qatar for close to ten years, working with a branch of Texas A&M University.

“I shifted my focus, found my work passion, and have never looked back,” Sulik said. “[Now] I am married to my amazing Bride and have three kids I am wildly proud of.”’

Having lived all over the map, it’s no surprise that Sulik has landed here in Queens alongside students from all over the world.“The Summit is a microcosm of the world,” Sulik said. “You are living side by side with people who come from lives different from your own in every way and so have a world view that is unique to their experience. Take advantage of learning from each other.”

Above all, assisting residents as the new Director of Housing and Residence Life is one of Sulik’s top priorities. Speaking to this, he said:

“I see myself as an educator first. Everything we do in housing is focused on helping our residents achieve their academic goals and learn the skills they need to be successful throughout their lives.”

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