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    “A New Normal”: NYC Preps for Phase One Reopening

    On May 29, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York City will be entering Phase One of reopening on June 8 amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. New York residents who have remained quarantined since Governor Andrew Cuomo officially enacted the “New York State on PAUSE” executive order on March 22, may feel as if this order went into action ages ago. With this order came a set of rules that regulated social interaction amongst New Yorkers. Large social gatherings became prohibited and social distancing of at least six feet from others became enforced. Alongside these rules restricting individuals, Cuomo also forced the temporary closing of certain “non-essential” businesses. These businesses…

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    Generation Zoom: The At-Home Learners

    Amid an international pandemic caused by COVID-19, students all across the globe were hastily pulled from their campuses and forced into the ever-so frustrating cyber world of online schooling. Students of all ages, from kindergarteners to graduate students, were given no choice but to adjust to the awkwardness of learning from our bedrooms and deal with learning circumstances that have never previously come into play. Although this experience has been beneficial for some and frustrating for others, students everywhere have found ways to cope with both the stresses of an ongoing pandemic, which includes self-quarantining, intense feelings of isolation, and newfound responsibilities, as well as completing their semesters from home.…

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    Profile: QC President Designate Frank H. Wu

    Amidst the pandemic, we, as members of the Queens College community, look towards our leaders to guide us through the uncertain future. Soon to be taking office, Queens College President Designate Frank H. Wu, shared his views on how to move forward during this crisis, while going into his personal journey through higher education.  Wu is set to be the College’s 11th President in its 83 year history. When prompted to comment on the matter, Wu responded by discussing how he initially sought out the Presidency. Wu says that friends had notified him of the ongoing search last year, towards the end of the summer. He fondly notes the encouragement…

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    Are CUNY Students Going to See the Effects of the Health and Wellness Fee?

    The CUNY Board of Trustees has voted to increase the tuition once again, this time by $120, putting the extra money towards health and wellness resources. The resources will be put towards facilities such as mental health counseling, women’s healthcare products, and more. Having more resources on campus, a place that’s supposed to be a “home away from home” is going to be a big improvement, but students are demanding to see the changes.  “Right now we have STD testing, flu shots, and other routine vaccinations, pain relievers. We’re able to check blood pressure, temperature, and do pregnancy tests,” said Kalua, the Queens College mental health center’s office assistant. “We’re…

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    CUNY Service Corps: Helping students grow through paid internships

    Figuring out what one wants to pursue career-wise is a difficult decision. The CUNY Service Corps is the perfect opportunity for students to get an idea of their futures. CUNY Service Corps is a two-semester internship and pre-development program that includes working 10-12 hours a week at $15 per hour for a total of 24 weeks (Fall 2020 and Spring 2021).  CUNY Service Corps focuses on four categories in terms of how they place students within various organizations and agencies within New York City. Those include organizations that focus on educational empowerment, economic empowerment, organizations that address health issues and disparities of New Yorkers, as well as supporting the environment…