Robbery scares students on campus

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The office of public safety made significant increases in its campus security after a student was robbed at knifepoint, officials said.

The robbery occurred on Feb. 26 as a female student was walking to Queens Hall, the former CUNY Law School building.

“Public safety has posted an officer along the pathway and increased patrols and random ID checks near Queens Hall and the track. Additionally, surveillance cameras and blue emergency phones are being installed along the pathway,” Rufus Massiah, with the public safety department, said.

The student, who had her wallet, phone and social security card taken from her, was not hurt during the incident.

The story caused concern throughout the college community.

“Of course it scares me that something like this could happen here,” freshman, Jessica Smith said.

Two days later, on Feb. 28, with the help of the NYPD, two suspects were arrested in connection to the robbery. Deputy Massiah confirmed that “The suspects were identified by means of a surveillance camera in the Queens Hall parking lot with the help of [Office of Converging Technologies].”

Both suspects were later charged with criminal trespass, possession of a weapon and robbery in the second degree.

“It definitely makes me feel safer, especially since they caught those guys,” said senior, Rayne Chetram.

But Deputy Massiah still urges students to exercise caution and be aware.

“Being plugged into ear buds or headphones or using handheld devices while walking can compromise your alertness and overall safety,” Massiah said.

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