More food options available at Queens Hall

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Avenue C, a self-service vending market, opened on Aug. 28, giving more food options to students and faculty of Queens Hall, according to Stephan Aiello, director of administrative services.

Located in Queens Hall, Avenue C stocks 300 to 400 items, provides students with a wide variety of food — along with a coffee machine — and intends to include non-food items in the future, based on student feedback. The store offers both hot and cold food, beverages, snacks and healthier food options. Users can also review nutritional information and product ingredients to ensure they’re getting exactly what they want. A place to sit down and eat is located past the store.

“We want students to have as close to a dining experience as possible,” Aiello said. Queens Hall students no longer have to walk to the Dining Hall in order to have a full meal, he added.

Students will have a direct impact on what will be sold at the store. They will also be provided an easy way to leave feedback, which will be taken into consideration for future sales. In addition, what sells and does not sell at the store will be monitored and if an item sells particularly well, more of that it will be available.

“I think pens and pencils would be very handy,” junior, Juliana Daxland said. Other school supplies, such as notebooks, would also be useful, she explained.

The new market was installed by Chartwells and its sister company Canteen Vending Services. It will be without a kitchen, mostly unmanned and entirely self-service.

Students will be required to create an account at Avenue C to receive a card, which they will use to load money onto and purchase items. According to Aiello, creating an account is fast and easy, but there will always be someone around to assist students, just in case. If a student happens to forget their card, they will still be able to purchase items with the password they set for their account.

Given that the store will be largely unmanned, it relies on the honor system for students to not steal items.

“We do not think stealing will be a problem,” Aiello said. He explained that he trusts students will do the right thing, but a security guard is always stationed at the entrance of Queens Hall, should anything happen. Cameras are also positioned to monitor student activity in Avenue C.

“We’ve had a comfortable first week,” Aiello said. Nothing but positive feedback so far, he explained.

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