Free printing is back on campus

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This is not an April Fools’ joke.

Starting April 1, there will be free printing in the Rosenthal Library.

“The plan is that students are going to be able to print at the library on all six floors, for free and that would be the only place on campus that kids could print for free,” Student Association president, Matthew Louie said.

Students for Change and the office of converging technologies were able to combine forces and make free printing available at the library. As for the other printing stations on campus, such as Powdermaker Hall, the Student Union and Kiely Hall, there will still be the normal charge of 10 cents per page and 25 cents per page for colored printing.

In addition to the free printing, double sided printing will be available to students, as they have made this a concern for SA. They encourage students not to print large amounts of copies, such as a whole textbook, but rather just a chapter at a time, according to Louie.

“We heard students come to us and tell us, ‘Why don’t we have double-sided printing?’” Louie said. “Printing will come out double-sided. All that we ask of students is for them not to abuse the privilege.”

At a student senate meeting, Louie asked other college representatives how printing was on their campuses. The printing methods used at Hunter College caught his attention in particular because they only have printing in one remote location.

At the other CUNY campuses, printing is done differently than at Queens College, where up until last semester, QC students received $15 worth of printing after completing teacher evaluations at the end of each semester. SFC were not included in the decision to eliminate this option.

As of right now there are two industrial printers in the library, but if needed OCT will be able to install more printers.

“We’re definitely trying our best to equip the entire library,” Raj Maheshwari public relations chairman for SA, said.

SA is aware that a lot of traffic will be at the library, but hope to learn from this trial process to see how they can deal with printing in the future.

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