Entrepreneurial department adds money and recognition to QC

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In light of reduced state funding for Queens College, the administration has sought innovative ways to increase revenue, specifically renting out space all around campus, which was established under former President James Muyskens.

The department of campus event services was created two years ago, overseeing the use of the QC campus by companies for seminars, church groups for meetings and filming for shows, movies or photo shoots, said Dale Nussbaum, director of campus event services.

“I get three to seven film scouts a week. I work directly with the office of computer and technology, and the registrar for available rooms. We never cancel classes,” Nussbaum said.

The price of filming on campus can cost from $5,000 to $10,000 per day. The campus has been used for “America’s Got Talent,last August, and an HBO series “The Leftovers, finished filming in Queens Hall, said Nussbaum.

Recently, on April 2, the film “Still Alice,” starring Julianne Moore and based on a novel about a college professor who was diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer’s, was being shot in Campbell Dome.

This provides revenue for the school to spend on programs and departments throughout QC. The money is controlled directly by the President.

“The revenue from rentals in the Student Union goes to the SU; in the Gymnasium, to Athletics; in the Kupferberg Center, to the theaters; in the rest of the campus, to the Auxiliary Enterprise Association,” Evangelos Gizis, interim QC president said.

The QC Auxiliary Enterprise Association is a non-profit independent corporation created in 1993 to oversee revenue generating activities at QC including operating the parking facilities, support of student services and entrepreneurial activities, according to their Non-Profit Tax Exempt Form of 2010.

With another means to provide QC with money, it makes students happy that their campus is being recognized.

“With all these known shows, films, and actors showing up on campus, it makes the campus livelier. When J. Cole played at the Colden Theater it was sick, so much energy, couldn’t believe we booked him!” Kevin Zeng, 22-year-old senior, said.

Others think that having these films on campus make the campus more attractive and get students excited to possibly see famous people.

“Having films and documentaries shot on campus allows students to be more excited to be on campus. It would be nice to know that our school is a landmark for famous movies and scenes. Some of these actors may be role models to many students,” 20-year-old junior, Sarah Mullahoo said.

Most importantly, these events can take in much needed revenue to all departments and can continue to be rented out with the students help.

“Students could mention to their friends, work place and community that rental space at reasonable cost is available at QC,” President Gizis said.

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