Small attendance sports games do not affect QC athletes

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For some, college sports are seen as more important than professional sports because college athletes have a determined game that is not motivated by money. The NCAA Tournament is even called March Madness for the excitement it brings.

Sports can provide an entertaining and exciting atmosphere for students. Queens College has a total of 18 teams. The teams range from men’s baseball to women’s lacrosse, with a good variety between the men’s and woman’s sports. So, why aren’t QC students attending sporting events?

The sport that has the highest average home attendance is basketball on both of the men and women’s side, according to The women’s basketball team averages 99 people at home games, while the men had an average of 84 people.

“I’ve never attended a game, because no one has really gone out of their way to promote the team or keep us updated on how well they’re doing. A huge sign in the cafeteria with the team’s schedule isn’t really attracting anyone,” sophomore Kenny Matute, who is an avid basketball fan — but has gone to zero QC games — said.

There may be a solution to this that involves the players.

“If players on the team really wanted people to come out and support, they should talk to a small variety of people in the library or cafeteria, like other students do on a daily basis to promote an upcoming event they want others to participate in,” Matute said.

Baseball coach Chris Reardon believes the lack of attendance doesn’t have any affect on the players.

“Baseball is a quiet sport. Fan participation is low,” Reardon said.

Women’s soccer player, Monica Lupo believes that there’s more to the sport than just the fans in attendance.

“I think it’s always important to have your fans there, but if it’s not possible for people to come, we are always there for each other. Even though stands are empty we still have fans,” Lupo said.

The weather hasn’t exactly been great for outdoor sports. A total of twelve games were canceled or postponed for the men’s baseball team and nine for the women’s softball team.

“People don’t like to freeze their butts off for three to eight hours,” Reardon said. “I’m sure there are a lot of people who want to come but weather has been bad.”

The baseball team averaged 40 people and the softball team, despite a record of 31-18-1, averaged 35 people.

Weather hasn’t been the only problem for the outdoor sports. Something that could help not only outdoor sports but all sports as well is advertising. Sophomore John Fox, who is a big fan of baseball says he would love to attend a game, but is not sure where to go.

“The baseball team isn’t well advertised, so I don’t know when and where the games are played,” Fox said. “I know that info is online, but it does feel like the baseball team isn’t highlighted around campus enough.”

Matute believed that school sports are a big part of the college experience.

“When students are able to come together to support their school’s team and embrace how proud they are to be part of it goes to show how far school spirit and unity can go,” Matute said.

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