High aspirations for the men’s soccer team

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The Queens College men’s soccer team will begin their season this month in hopes of making it to the East Coast Conference playoffs.

With last year’s leading scorer, Glen Reid, returning and an experienced backfield of three upperclassmen, the Knights are currently working towards improving on their sixth place finish last year.

“One of the things for this year’s team to improve on is their play in close matches. We had several one goal losses in conference [last season]. That is the difference between advancing to the playoffs or not,” head coach Carl Christian said.

All-Conference midfielder and junior Glen Reid will be an important anchor for this year’s offense. He was not only the highest scorer from last year but was he was also named captain for this season.

Going into this year, Reid looks to contribute more in the open field.

In addition, The Knights depend on junior forward Paul Sandoval and Pol Narbona to help carry the offensive load.

“We feel that the two can work well off of each other,” Christian said. “Paul is a two-year starter for the team and an excellent addition, not the team. He has had two good years. We would like to see him score more goals. He certainly has the capability to do so.”

Two key defenders this year are junior Aitor Gurrutxaga and senior Jorge Artavia. This year’s backfield will also see the return of junior Gianpaolo Lisena. Lisena started 16 games as a freshman and returns from a year off.

“We should be as deep defensively and should be a little bit more experienced and even better equipped to go into this season,” Christian said.

Transfer students Isaiah Kossinne and junior back Bryan Balladares will also be joining The Knights’ lineup.

“Isaiah has looked really quick on the ball when he has had his chances in training so far. He could do a really big job for us on the wing on the right side. We had Bryan come in as a left back. Since I have been here we never really had a left foot starting left-back so we are hoping that Bryan can step up and we can get good use out of the left side,” Reid said.

The biggest issue on this year’s team is who the starting goalkeeper is going to be. The Knights are without goalkeeper Sean Geoghegan who not only played every minute last year but also posted 6 six shutouts.

Potential replacements for the position include Robbie Webster, James Brostowsk and Alexandros Taliotis. They are all currently sophomores.

“We have three keepers that we feel comfortable with, and each brings something a little bit different,” said Christian.

During the season opener against St. Michael’s, Robbie Webster and James Brostowsk both saw action in goal.

“Going into the season, we all as a team need to step up and give 200 percent in every single game. There is no reason why we can’t go as far as we want,” said Reid.

So far the team lost their first two matches with a 1-0 loss against St. Michael’s at home and a 3-0 away loss against West Chester. Their next game is on Sept. 17 against the District of Columbia.

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