Photo by Brandon Jordan The shuttle bus stands waiting for students at the Student Union Hall

Queens College gets new shuttle buses

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Photo by Brandon Jordan The shuttle bus stands waiting for students at the Student Union Hall
Photo by Brandon Jordan
The shuttle bus stands waiting for students at the Student Union Hall

Just last semester, Student Association and Student Life worked hard to get 2,000 signatures for the shuttle bus initiative to make the life of commuter students a little.

On the first day of school, Queens College introduced their new shuttle buses to the public. Now, instead of waiting for the MTA buses, students also have the option of taking the shuttle bus.

The idea has been around for many years. In the past, the Student Association, Student Life and many faculty members have proposed it, but the Vice President of Finance William Keller championed the most recent effort, Dean of Students John Andrejack said.

“This is a great initiative that student life has for commuter students and students coming to QC in the future,” Student Association President Raj Maheshwari said.

Some students are concerned about the price of the shuttle bus, which will increase the current student activity fee of $123.85 to approximately $164. This increase will be paid per semester for a total of $80 for students on a yearly basis.

“Regardless of whether students and faculty will be using the bus, everyone will have to pay the $40 fee,” said Andrejack.

Mark Amoroso, a 22-year-old QC student uses public transportation to get to the college from his home in Corona.

“There is plenty of transportation around the area. The $40 is a waste of money. The tuition is going up regardless,” Amoroso said. “People are going to complain more than they use it.”

However, administrative and faculty members believe that shuttle buses will serve the QC community well.

“Because the college is not served well by public transportation, I hope that this would make student lives easier, whether traveling to and from home, to a job or internship,” Acting Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Elizabeth Hendrey

There are two shuttle buses and both stop every twenty minutes at the Student Union. The Flushing shuttle bus stops at Main St. and Queens Hall. The Jamaica shuttle bus stops at Sanford Ave. Students and faculty can visit to view bus routes as well as timetable information.

Most students seem to appreciate having shuttle buses on campus, but still have a few minor complaints.

“I like using the shuttle bus, but I just wish the bus stopped closer to the bus terminal on Jamaica,” Jasmine Thompson, a senior who uses the bus to get home after classes, said.

QC faculties share the same positive attitude toward the bus as commuter students “I am quite happy about the new shuttle buses, mostly because I think it will make it easier for students to get to and from campus,” Hendrey said. “Personally, although I mainly drive to campus, I have many meetings in Manhattan and I think the shuttle bus will be helpful to me getting back and forth.”

Some faculty even sees a more long-term benefit of having shuttle buses on QC’s campus.

“It has reduced student commuting time and hopefully, will keep students on campus longer improving student retention, involvement, satisfaction and graduation rates,” Andrejack said.

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