Queens College’s Kitchen Truck off to a fiery start

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The idea of grabbing something “on the go” has been an ongoing trend in the food industry.

College students are obvious targets for this market. Rushing between classes, work and extra-curricular activities, students don’t have time to wait in the cafeteria or go off campus to find food. Taking this into consideration, The Kitchen Truck has brought this concept right into

the heart of Queens College.

The Kitchen Truck was on the drawing board at Chartwells for years after trucks like Wafels & Dinges started to make appearances. Chartwells is the food service management company that provides dining services to QC and college campuses nationwide.

“We wanted to provide the students with another, more convenient dining option,” Paul Bowden, Chartwells’ head chef said. “With industry trends pushing towards food carts, we’re looking for ways to fill student needs.”

The Kitchen Truck made its on-campus debut on August 28th. Initially, the truck only accepted cash, which was an inconvenience to most.

“It was certainly a pullback,” Bowden said. “But now we’re able to accept credit cards and we’re working to add Wi-Fi to the cart in order to accept meal plans.”

Since The Kitchen truck is under the Chartwells brand, it is included in students’ meal plans just like the Q-Café and the other dining options on campus.

The truck’s menu is adaptable and changes every week.


The most popular slider is the “chipotle chicken slider,” which is slow-cooked, hand-pulled, seasoned chicken breast with peppers and chipotle sauce.

“I got the house beef slider on my way to class and it was delicious,” freshman Kristen Moore said.

The truck also put their own twist on classic diner foods.

“We have a grilled cheese made with cheddar cheese and pulled pork and it’s been a hit,” Bowden said.

The truck even has small sides if you’re looking for something quick to snack on. The side options features fried pickles, wings, jalapeño poppers and more.


“We’re looking to have the truck available on the weekends for students” Bowden said.

The truck is currently available Monday – Thursday from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. between Rathaus and the Dining Hall. The Kitchen Truck will be open until Dec. 19.

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