Kupferberg Center hosts performance in honor of Martin Luther King Day

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The Kupferberg Theatre hosted the Dance Theatre of Harlem for a special performance on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Following a lack of events on campus to celebrate King in past years, Queens College President Felix Rodriguez proudly announced that every year on Martin Luther King Jr.

Day would bring a new on-campus event celebrating racial diversity and a presentation by a renowned African-American speaker.

This year’s speaker was former U.S Congressman and Reverend Dr. Floyd Flake. He gave an empowering speech referencing Dr. King and his efforts to create a just society.

“A fight for a just society is a fight that will never end. Only our power of oneness will keep us protected,” Flake said.

Dance Theatre of Harlem was founded by in 1969 by Arthur Mitchell and Karel Shook. It consists of 18 elegant and racially diverse dancers performing ballet and contemporary dance. Artistic director Virginia Johnson directed the Kupferberg performance.

The event began with a strong and passionate dance accompanied by a violin instrumental. The lead ballerina in the section, Lindsey Croop, set the bar with her ethereal performance. She and the male dancers moved fluidly through every musical note. The trust between the male and female dancers was evident.

The second routine consciously juxtaposed the first. The mood was quieter and the music was slower but the choreography was more daring. Dancers leaped into one another’s arms and moved with continuous elegance. The event continued with sets of couples dancing harmonically and later on they joined for their group routines.

The music remained passionate and classical up until the near end of the show. When the dancers all came together, the audience joined with satisfaction. They indeed took advantage of having numerous arms and legs on one stage. Patterns formed, music sped and dancers supported one another with more tremendous movements.

After the final break, the dancers performed to upbeat hits such as “Baby, Baby, Baby,” “I Got The Feelin’,” “Call Me,” and “Superbad.” Two dancers shared a passionate kiss during one of their routine to conclude the performance. The night concluded with lightning hot energy and the Dance Theatre of Harlem receiving a standing ovation.

Yarah Shabana

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